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Dog's Best Friend 2.0

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Do you ever worry about how your dog feels when you’re gone?

Pet-dogs experience psychological loneliness when they’re stripped of social interaction at home/alone.

The smart Dog’s Best Friend 2.0 is an improved version of our first Dog's Best Friend (DBF)! It is waterproof and made with better & stronger material! 

DBF 2.0 is a special toy designed to play with your dog in your stead! It has an LED light that attracts your dogs & keeps your dogs stimulated & happy after you’re gone!

With a Lithium-powered motor, the DBF 2.0 rolls around the house continuously while your dog chases it.

Now your good doggo will wiggle its tail when you leave, instead of longing for you at the doorstep!

Never worry about neglecting your dog again.

Live smart. Love smart.

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✔️Auto-Rotation Technology

✔️Waterproof IPX67

✔️Long Battery Life: 8 Hours Per Charge

✔️Smart Design; Avoids Being Stuck in Corners

✔️Safe, Reliable & Strong Material

✔️USB Charging Method

✔️One Size For All



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Indestructible for chewer dogs!

We have a Dachshund, he is actually a good chewer. Most of plush toys and fetch balls we bought before just kept several days and ended in demolished. But what a pleasant surprise! This toy ball turns out to be indestructible! It has lasted and is loved. It’s been about 3 weeks and there’s no damage.
The battery life is long and the quality is awesome! My doggie plays with the ball all days. He couldn’t be happier with it. The best toy ball and also his favorite one so far.
It also keeps me entertained watching the dog trying to hunt and chase the ball. The automatic rolling design is stimulating for pets. If you have dogs that like to chew, I would definitely recommend this ball!

Excellent, brilliant and well-designed

My kitten LOVES this toy! It’s absolutely his favorite toy now. The ball size is perfect for him. She seems never get bored with this toy. It holds his attention and keeps him happy so he continues to play with it. The USB charge is very convenient and it can run for a long time. This is a good quality and well-designed toy for cats.

Highly recommend!

This product is the best thing for cat and dog owners! Exactly what I want to get for my pets. I have a 6 months puppy and a 1 years old kitty. I bought two balls so that they won’t scramble, lol…
The ball surface is made of silicone instead of plastic. So I’m relieved to take it for my pets to chew or bite. It’s well made and durable. The balls roll automatically with varied led lights, which effectively catch my cat and dog’s attention.
I’m so happy that both my cat and dog like playing with the ball. It offers them hours of entertainment. Also cheerful for me to watch them playing.
Love that it can be recharged as the package comes with a USB charge cable. So you can save your money of buying batteries. I would highly recommend this toy ball for all pet owners. Buy it and you’ll be happy with it!

Excellent ball for my puppy

My puppy loves this ball. He barked to it at first as it rolls everywhere just like a little creature. Then after watching it for a while, he began chase and hunt it. Lots of fun and entertainment for him. He is more than happy with this ball now.
I love it that you don’t need batteries, just charge it through a usb cable. It’s very convenient and sturdy too. I’m satisfied with it!

Fun Toy!

I bought this for my dogs, but I think my nephew loved it even more, haha. It rolls by itself and provided fun/exercise for everyone involved. I love how it bounces off of inanimate objects and just keeps on rolling. It was easy to charge and the lights can be turned on and off to extend battery life. Great little toy!