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Warm Saucer

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Isn't it annoying to constantly go to the microwave when your coffee turns cold?

The Warm Saucer keeps your drink warm, even when you return after a while!

This sleek-designed coaster is made from premium silica, making it perfect to deliver the optimum drinking temperatures and keeping its body liquid proof.

Now you can take your calls, continue your work, attend to your boss, and always return to a hot cup waiting for you!

Keep your coffee warm and your days bright!

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✔️Perfect Temperatures: 104°F(40°C)-122°F(50°C) | 131°F(55°C)-140°F(60°C)

✔️Premium Silica-Glass Material

✔️Safety Auto-Shut After 8 Hours

✔️Sleek "Beer-Mat" Design & 0.5" (1.3cm) Thin

✔️4.5" (12cm) Diameter For All Cups & Drinks

✔️15W Power & Customizable 5V/110V/220V Input Voltage

Note: We recommend using flat-bottom and thinner cups. Not suitable for Disposable plastic cups.


Due to high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for all US and International orders.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I just got this a few days ago so I can’t speak to the longevity. However, so far I am very happy with this mug warmer. I kept leaving my tea around or forgetting to drink it while working and always find my mug partially full with cold tea. I have an old mug warmer at work that works great, but I work from home most of the time so wanted a new one for the house.

This warmer is very asthetically pleasing, and works well. I removed the ugly caution sticker on it.

The warmer has a touch power button on the surface that cycles between hot, warm, and off. I always use hot (red). It does turn itself off as described, which is a good feature as I’ve found my office mug warmer left on overnight and over the weekend... oops!! The most important part is that it does keep my tea quite hot if left there immediately after brewing it, and if I’ve left it around and it’s cooled, it does slowly heat up just like my old one does. I haven’t timed it but it seems to heat up a cold cup in maybe 20-40 minutes or so. I also included pics to show the type of mug I’ve been using that it works well with. The bottom is not completely flat but it still heats the mug very well.

As long as this holds up I’ll be very happy with it!! I’ve been testing this in the kitchen but plan to use it in the office. I’m contemplating getting another to keep in the kitchen or dining area as well!


I have been looking for one of these for a while now, because I so often get busy at work that I find my coffee cold and less than tasty, if I leave my cup parked somewhere.

I got a "cup warmer" that was useless (the "Mustard" USB one that looks like a big cookie) and, in trying to learn why, my fellow coffee addicts and tech geeks educated me on these devices, that mostly all are useless since their wattage was decreased, years ago, in response to concerns that coffee could get "too" hot for those who like to sue people over such ridiculous stuff. Like spilling coffee is someone else's fault?? Puhh-leaze.....

Anyway, so apparently this is one, however, that still has some decent wattage, plus it plugs into a regular outlet (not a weenie USB port), has a switch right near the warmer, a light to tell you it's on, and is made of some really premium materials and a quality "hot plate" as the warming surface. And, that is all true! It has all of that, and is a GREAT warmer. I'm very happy with it.

So, beyond low wattage, the other problem is that many cups don't even make enough contact with any warmer to be warmed, at all, even if the thing was pumping out some respectable wattage.

But, as the Fates would have it, after ordering this and and thinking on where I might find a flat bottom mug, that very day, on walking into Starbucks for coffee, there before me, on display for Christmas, was a flat bottomed mug! And, a very cool looking one, I might add, and metal, so an excellent conductor of heat! How about that?!

Highly recommend!!!!


I have an older mug warmer that my wife bought at Brookstone (pictured on the left in the photos). It has worked well for many years, but it is no longer being sold. So, I picked up this Warm Saucer for my desk at work. Before bringing it in to the office I did some side-by-side testing and measurements with my old reliable one.

As you can see in the photo, the Warm Saucer gets hotter than the Brookstone warmer when they are both on their highest setting, although the heat is less evenly distributed on the Warm Saucer than on the older warmer. When my mug was down to about ¼ full and the warmer was still on "high" setting, the remaining tea was still around 160º (I like it hot). This was with a typical ceramic mug with a slightly concave base.
If you were using a completely flat-bottom mug you would see even better performance.


If you like your drinks to be scorching hot and only have thick-walled mugs or not flat/close-to-flat bottom cups, then this thing will only satisfy you to a certain degree, no pun intended.


Not jut for mugs, I’m using this as a candle warmer too. I love Capri Blue candles but there’s always wax left over around the edges and I don’t want it to go to waste. However other candle warmers have a lip around the edge and the large candle doesn’t sit flat on it. To me it’s annoying and looks bad. This warmer is completely flat so the candle rests on it perfectly. The wood design matches perfectly with my farmhouse decor too! I may be buying another one for another room!