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Merry Go Round

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Does your cat easily get bored with the toys you bring?

Pet-cats become lazy and lose their natural instinct without the sense of hunting.

The smart Merry Go Round is a special toy designed to play with your cat in your stead! It keeps your cats stimulated while you’re busy and keeps them happy!

With a Lithium-powered motor, the unique Merry Go Round rotates 360 degrees with the feather & laser as your cat chases it.

Now your sassy cat will become more vigilant, instead of sitting in weird places or disturbing you while you sleep!

Get your cat the latest tech, and never worry about neglecting your cat again.

Live smart. Love smart.

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✔️Auto-Rotation Technology

✔️USB Charging Method

✔️Runs for More Than 7 Hours Per Charge

✔️Cat's Natural Instinct Stimulator

✔️Easy To Operate

✔️Perfect For Lazy Cats



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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Good entertainment for cats

Had this for a few months now. My cats love it. Very quick and easy to charge.

My cat hated it

Even tho my cat couldn't care less about the laser toy, I am still rating it high because it is well made. The charge lasts a long time and it is not expensive. My cat is just super picky so don't base your decision on HIM. Fussy cat.

Very happy with this toy!

I read a LOT of reviews on this cat toy before purchasing, so I saw a lot of good ones and a lot of bad ones. For me and my cats, this toy is fantastic! They love the feather and the laser but definitely play with the laser more. It came in two pieces that simply twist together and it was already charged. There was also the USB charging cord and an assortment of ribbons and feathers to attach along with the long metal spring that they attach to. My cats played with it for hours before I ever had to recharge it. It has four modes - random is my favorite because the toy automatically shuts off after about 10-12 minutes. It does NOT auto shut off in slow, medium, or fast modes, but having a USB charging cord makes it so simple to recharge any time. I really love not having to buy batteries!!! The packaging says the charge is good for about 8 hours. It will depend on how much your kitties play with it. I only charge ours about once every two weeks.

I have found this toy to be well made and durable. Yes, my cats have knocked it over a couple of times and I myself have kicked it across a dark bedroom on accident more than once and it has not hurt it at all. My cats have pulled the feather off of the spring twice, but nothing was broken - I simply clipped it back on. I can find absolutely nothing to complain about with this toy.

Lastly, when reviewing pet toys, no one cares if your cat or dog liked it or not. That is not a review of a product. Good grief, ya'll.

Best toy bought yet!

My cats LIVED this! I highly recommend. Best toy I’ve ever bought!

Hooray no batteries needed!

My boy, Munky loves this toy! He is extremely picky about his toys, he loves electronics (like his mommy!), so this is a 2 for 1 winner. And soooo easy to charge with the usb plug, love it!