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You deserve every bit of comfort at your desk whether you're working from home, surfing the internet casually, or participating in a 5-hour raid in your favorite online game!

A good footrest is too often overlooked as an unimportant piece, but it is indeed an essential addition to your overall comfortability at your desk.

"Physical Comfort In The Workplace Is The Cornerstone Of Productivity!"

Upgrade your comfort level with the Underdesk Lounge, it is a hanging footrest that allows you to rest your legs hammock-style! 

With the Underdesk Lounge, you comfort-seekers can finally reduce your back tension by taking the load off your lower limbs and allow your body to immerse completely in heavenly relief while maintaining a good posture!

We know what you're thinking, and no, it can't support your entire body weight (we've tried), but it does hold up an impressive load of 90lbs!

It has adjustable straps that allow you to modify the height of the Underdesk Lounge to give you either a slight or a higher lift depending on your preference, allowing you to be more energized throughout the day.

Equipped with sturdy screw clamps to fasten it firmly in place, as nothing is worse than having your feet come crashing down on the cold hard ground while it's hovering in the air because of unreliable, shaky hook-ons! 

The Underdesk Lounge is suitable for most desk types with the tabletop thickness of under 2 inches, and the table length of under 4.9 foot.

As an additional bonus, you can also install a screw-on hook on the side of the clamps to hold onto your bag, headphones, or your other belongings! 

Give Yourself A Break & Prioritize Your Comfort!

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✔️Hammock- Style Foot Rest

✔️Suitable For Most Desks (Tabletop Thickness: <2 inches, Table Length: <4.9 ft)

✔️Easy installation

✔️Sturdy Adjustable Clamps

✔️Adjustable Straps To Control Height

✔️Premium Quality Breathable Cotton Fabric 

✔️Improves Comfort Level 

✔️Additional Installable Hook Option 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Keaton Cole
Perfect foot hammock that is adjustable is many ways

I always end up sitting with one of my legs under me which is actually really bad for my posture and back but hated having foot rests that i have to push or pull or are too hard... makes my hips hurt.

I decided to give this one a try and first i have to say, i am super happy that i can adjust this as needed... i can rest my feet/heel on it or have my feet hanging out and have it support my legs from my calf and for someone like me it helps not to put too much strain on it like a typical floor stool would.

Also, installation was a breeze... didn't even have to use a tool nor make any holes.
It has a bracket that you screw tighter and clamps onto the desk.

The ropes are adjustable as well which helps if you want it higher or lower...

Really happy with this find!

Piper Wuckert
I didn't know I needed this.

I was showing it to my moms and she was like "THANK YOU THANK YOU!" and now i have to buy another one... I was showing her to be funny but then she thought it was for her and got mad when I said no. Now i have to buy one for her. I actually used it and OH MY GOODNESS! It is so comfortable to kick back and watch youtube or game. Even just propping one foot up there is much more comfortable than the built in footrest on the chair, and WAY better than cutting my foot open trying to use my printer as one.

Angus Wuckert
Can adjust heights and easy to install

Great fit for my ikea desk, easy to install, just hang both sides on the desk and attach with the strings, great rest spot for office and home, and the material is waterproof and I can adjust the length of the string easily

Jaquan Daugherty
Perfect for foot elevation

Working from home, I often find myself with my legs tucked under me, which puts strain on my already arthritic knees. This is perfect because I can elevate my feet while keeping the pressure off my knees.

Bud Langosh
Simple design, easy to set up and adjust.

Super easy to set up right out of the box. Simple design, does what it needs to do and looks cool at the same time. The hammock design allows you to swing your feet a little and the heights is easily adjustable too. The straps sometimes loosen if you push down on the hammock too hard, but if you tie a knot or wrap the straps around themselves a few times it stops that.