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I have always wanted one. FINALLY I have clean glasses!!! Not just smeared "cleaned " lenses! Gone is the makeup residue, hair spray & gardening gunk from pushing glasses up while you are sweating off! The frame is sparkling, you can tell the color ! And it only takes 3 minutes! WOW , why did I wait all these years? Price is the same as the "fluid" to smeared them clean! LOL Don't hesitate like I did, you too will be pleasantly amazed.

Big improvement, I'd try it with jewelry cleaner though

For a fairly affordable product it does work! There's a marked improvement though I did have to run it a few times.

I suspect it works better with actual jewelry cleaner instead of just water but I'll have to find some and try that.

Note: make sure you check if your jewelry is compatible with this before dumping your wedding ring in, there is an included list of stones/metals that may be damaged by the microscopic bubbles ultrasonic machines generate.

Miia Hughes
Mean clean machine

During pandemic, my jeweler wouldn’t clean my ring, so I ordered this ultrasonic cleaner machine and cleaner solution and I absolutely love. It was neat to see how the filth just comes off of it. Cleaned my glasses too and boy were they filthy. So far worth the money.

Kelly L. Perez

I have nothing to references this machine to being it’s my first one. But it cleaned the jewelry probably as well as I could have on my own. So when I’m feeling lazy and need both my hands for scrolling and eating chips, this will be handy.

Love it!

Love the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. I thought at first that the machine was defective because the button didn't work. Then I realized that the mode adjustment is done by pressing the power button multiple times (Hope this helps). The first time I used it, I could see all the dirt and grime coming off the jewels from the surface of the water. It was a cool feeling. If you feel the results are not good, adding a few drops of dawn dish soap did the trick.