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Isn't it time-consuming and annoying to dry your hair after a shower and to balance a precariously wrapped towel on your head while moving around?

Imagine having a remarkable lightweight towel that wraps and dries your post-shower hair efficiently and stays securely on your head at the same time!

Twisty Towel is a microfiber hair towel made from extremely soft, absorbent and fast-drying material for you to dry your dripping wet hair effectively and healthily!

It absorbs 80% more water compared to regular towels and encourages you to rely less on blow-drying which helps to prevent frizz, split ends and breakages.

It's uniquely designed with a twist and loop method for it to wrap your head snugly and stays fixed on your head without any water dripping. 

You can now do your makeup, house chores, get dressed or work at home, at the same time dry your hair without the discomfort and trying to balance a collapsing turban towel wrap whenever you're leaning! 

According to hairstylists, your hair should be 70% air-dried before blow-drying because the longer your hair is exposed to heat, the more damage your hair. 

"By not removing excess water from hair, you're spending more time than necessary blow-drying. causing extra stress on your hair." - Sarah Lund, Style Master for Kevin Murphy

This microfiber hair towel reduces your blow-drying time drastically, protects the moisture and shine of your hair and keeps your hair in tip-top condition!

It protects your sheets too as you can also apply hair masks and wrap your head with Twisty Towel overnight before rinsing for a boost of hydration!

Perfect hair towel for you and anyone with all hair types!

Healthy Hair Starts With Good Care!

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✔️Super Soft & Absorbent Microfiber Hair Towel

✔️Dries Hair Quickly & Easily

✔️Stays Securely On Your Head

✔️Ultra Lightweight, Reduces Neck Sore

✔️Protects Hair Moisture & Shine

✔️Prevents Frizz, Friction & Fly-Aways Hair

✔️Made With Highly Durable Material For Long Lasting Usage

✔️Reusable & Machine Washable

✔️Protects Sheets When Sleeping With Hair Masks Overnight

✔️Great For All Hair Types



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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
My Hair Thanks You

Holy moly... what can i say, except i freaking love these. Normally i have to put a ton of product in my hair to counteract my frizzy nature. Last night i showered and rather than using a terry cloth towel to wrap my hair, i used one of these microfiber wraps. I put it up and slept in it. When i woke up my hair was dried in fantastical curls. No frizz to be seen. I did my makeup and went to work. No product at all. Now halfway through my day, the curls have separated a little, but the amount of frizz is nothing compared to usual with no product. I don't know how I've never tried this in my 35 years of life.

Holds crazy thick hair

I was hesitant about the button design, but it has held up very well after dozens of uses and washes. I have very thick wild hair, my hair kills hair ties and drains. Initially, I wasn't sure how well this product would hold up, but it has proven worthy. It dries my hair fairly fast and reduces frizziness of curls. I would gladly recommend this product to anyone with medium or long hair.

Best I have found!

I have thick wavy long hair and this is the FIRST wrap I have found that stays in place and is big enough after I twist it. It stays put,,, I have even slept in and and it stayed (I use a satin pillowcase). Great way to slowly dry your hair and keep it healthy. I found that is made my curls non frizzy after sleeping with it and I was able to go to work with my hair wavy which is something I have not done in a LONG time! Buying more for daughters!

Katie Rust
Great product

I bought a towel like this at wal mart a few years ago for a the price of these two and it didn’t last very long and would mold really easily. I’ve had these for about a week and so far they exceed my expectations. As someone with curly hair these are great to dampen my hair and allow me to put product in without my hair completely drying. They also dry relatively quickly for reuse.

Sarah C.
Comfortable, but not for super long/thick hair

These stay on really well and are comfortable. The fabric is thicker than I expected, but not as soft as some microfibers, and not as absorbant either.

In terms of the size of the wrap, those with really long hair may want to look elsewhere. My hair is long but not super long (about even with the bottom of my bra band), and it juuuust fits.

If you have thin to average hair above your shoulderblades, these are a very good option. If you have really long/thick hair, these are still ok, but you might end up happier if you spend a few bucks more.