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Prevent this from happening to your wife or daughter!

Track Your Wheels is a wireless tire pressure monitoring system that can be solar-charged or USB-charged!

It has a built-in sensor that detects your tires' pressure & temperature, displaying the data on the monitor in real-time!

Your wife or daughter can now drive at ease because they or you can monitor their tires' condition regularly!

It's important to know when your tires are over-inflated or under-inflated, as it can affect the performance of your vehicle including its fuel economy!

Driving with low-pressure tires can cause a tire blowout because the tire's sidewalls flex more & heat builds up within the tire.

It also has 6 alert modes for fast air leakage, slow air leakage, high pressure, high temperature, sensor fault & battery low!

It’s a great car accessory to get for your wife or daughter who drives because it protects them from any danger, helps ensure proper tire inflation pressure & can be used on any type of car! 

They can now drive with a peace of mind as their tires will not deflate without warning!

Drive Safely & Be Safe!

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✔️Real-Time Tire Pressure & Temperature Display 

✔️Solar Or USB Powered


✔️6 Alert Modes

✔️Easy Installation

✔️For Any Type Of cars


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
D. Walk
Peace of mind = knowing pressure.

The factory TPMS light came on. Mechanic found that it was the one in the spare and got it to start working again. Couple months later it came on again, wasn't the one in the spare. He offered to find and fix but it was going to cost several hundred dollars. Searched for an alternative and found this on Amazon, so glad I did. Installed and working in less than five minutes. This unit displays two pieces of info for each tire (pressure & temperature), that's eight pieces of data, PLUS an alarm for low pressure and one for high temperature. Basically this system is 10x better than the factory one. For how low the cost I'm thinking of buying another one to have spares, just put in the glove compartment.

Good TPMS System

I originally bought this because I got tired of the low tire pressure light coming on when nothing was wrong. Because of the angle of my charge port I could not see the display very well when installed in my Honda Accord. I gave it to my wife since her charge port was at a angle around 45 degrees which was perfect for this device. It has helped her already detect a leak in a tire and it is great in teaching tool on how tire pressure fluctuates with the outside temperature verses the internal tire temperature as well as how tire pressure is affected while driving.

Great little tire pressure monitor

Changing my review from 2 stars to 5 stars due to great customer service and delivery of a replacement product that does the job well. The first product delivered would not remember the Psi/BAR setting (or F/C for temp) after turning the car off and back on. The seller volunteered to send me another unit, which I received a couple of weeks later. The second unit does not have this setting memory issue and works great.

It's also pretty accurate as well. I checked the pressures with a high-quality pressure gauge when I installed it.

Ricardo franco
Five Stars

Working fine and providing the info I was looking forward to receive

Ol blue
Good and simple tire pressure monitoring system.

Well, the guys at the tire shop replaced the old valve stems with the new TPMS while installing new tires on my old Jeep truck. I followed the instructions to setup the display for PSI and Fahrenheit. Two of the tires read immediately, one flashed, and one was blank. I continued to drive for about ten miles....then all four displayed properly. This is not uncommon for wireless systems. So far so good. This is a great tool to help insure proper tire inflation pressure. If you have tires, you need a TPMS.