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Time-Off Cable

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Do you worry about overcharging your phone?

According to the Director of Argonne Collaborative Center, Venkat Srinivasan said leaving your phone plugged in overnight is bad for the battery in the long run. It will shorten your phone's battery life!

Worry no more! This fast-charging cable has a timer to cut the electricity off to stop your phone from charging.

Imagine this: Your phone is at 50% before bedtime. If you charge your phone, it'll be 100% in the morning but it's overcharged.

If you don't charge, it'll be a sad 40% in the morning. What do you do?

With your Time-Off Cable, you won't have this problem again! Just plug in your phone & set a 1-hour timer! You'll get 100% in the morning & your phone won't be overcharged!

No more overcharging your phone while you sleep & your phone's battery life will be prolonged!

Get your Time-Off Cable & charge your phone with a peace of mind!

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✔️LED Display: Charging Time, Current, Voltage

✔️Durable: TPE (Cable); ABS (Charging Head)


✔️Cable Length: 1 meter 

✔️High Performance

✔️Reversible USB Connector

✔️Support Data Transmission



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