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Isn't sweating and getting drained over operating floor jack, carrying and changing a flat tire, tightening and loosening the nuts not worth the whole effort?

A lot of us just don't have the power or knowledge to do it, and get killed in related-crashes every year (NHTSA, 2017)!

It's not like you can carry your mechanic around with you on road trips or work-drives, just in case...

The 2020 Mechanic is light and compact enough to fit inside your trunk and help you in any flat-tire emergency, with fully automated easy functions! In minutes, you can continue your drive as if nothing'd happened.

Strong enough to lift 5Ton cars, light enough to be carried by a little girl and easy enough to be operated by anyone, now you will never be stressed, tired, unable or stranded with a flat!

The effortful Mechanic will effortlessly raise your car in emergencies with a press of a button with just the 12V lighter/battery connection, (un)screw the nuts on your wheels for you, even pump your tires for you and do much more, all with a press of a button!

In emergencies, cell phones might not work, help might not arrive on time, and lots can go wrong with anyone at any time!

The easy and neat Mechanic also includes a powerful flashlight, a case with anti-slip velcro for the trunk and hazard-reflectives on the outside, with gloves for your hand-care, emergency window hammer (and belt-cutter), fuses, cables, crocodile jump, pump needle, safety wrench, and everything your car needs!

This little guy does everything easily by himself and is like your car's first-aid kit when you are in an emergency. Lots of women, older people, and disabled people's lives have been saved by it in all emergencies!

Say goodbye to sweating, fatiguing and not being able to lift your car with floor jacks and say hello to your easy emergency go-to solution; The Mechanic.

Live Smart. Drive Safe. Leave Stress.

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✔️Clean & Compact (Over 8 Kg)

✔️Quickest and Easiest to Use in Emergencies

✔️Perfect for Women, Older People and Disabled People

✔️12V (Car Charger or Battery) Powered Lifting Technology

✔️Lift Any Car (Up To 5Tons)

✔️Min. & Max. Heights: 15.5cm to 45cm

✔️Electric All-In-1: Floor Jack & Flashlight, Impact Wrench, Pump (With Needle)

✔️Impact Wrench For All (17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 23mm) Cars

✔️Includes Free Gloves, Window Hammer, Fuses, HexaWrench, Nut Socket-Head

✔️Comes In Anti-Slip Case With Emergency Hazard Reflector

✔️Easy-Install, Easy-Eject, Easily Change Tires or Pump Air

✔️Almost 0 Effort Required From Your Side

✔️Comes With Manual You Won't Need


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Toss that old jack in the shed, thsi thing is wicked!

At 52 years old, my back is in fairly rough shape. I had seen these a while back, and decided to try one. Glad I did, because changing a tire or working on brakes will never be the same. Years ago, I think the 12V impact wrenches were pretty much garbage, but that's not the case anymore.
This thing is WONDERFUL! The case comes loaded with goodies. Jack, Impact wrench, 2 sockets, gloves, emergency hammer glass breaker and seatbelt cutter, and an adapter to go straight to the battery if you have no plug. The case even has an emergency reflective triangle on the back, for added safety when broke down.

I tried it on 3 vehicles at my house, the key is getting it in a spot where it is close to the wheel you are lifting. It worked the best on my 2012 Superduty King Cab Ford truck, which is HEAVY. Lifted it in just seconds.

The impact will make you smile like a little kid at Christmas, it will bust those tight lug nuts off with no effort at all, and put them back on just as easy.
Even has a built in air compressor and hose to air up a low tire. Case comes with some Velcro type stuff on the bottom, so it won't slide around in the vehicle. It will definitely take up some room in the vehicle, but it will be worth it when you need to change a tire.

This would have to be 5+ Stars, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

Works excellent for lifting my mid size SUV.

Only used this 5 ton jack today but very impressed with the lift capacity for my Mercedes GLK250 SUV. I built a steel insert to fit the vehicle jack port on the frame to make lifting a little safer. I also gave it a platform to prop it up a little higher.
Check out the pictures to see the jack in action.

I'm a senior citizen and this Jack was a life saver 👍👍👍

I fell in love with my Mechanic electric floor jack today. The 1st time I used it was like I had it for years and had always used it, but it was the 1st time. Unfortunately we didn't set the parking brake on the car and wifey went in the trunk and slammed it shut which caused the car to lurch forward and fell onto the Jack 🙁 but I'm going to buy a new one today.

I highly recommend this jack.

Must have tools! Easy to to use and dependable!

WOW!!! Haha that is all I can say about this set!!
I wanted to get my wife a jack and impact wrench to help her if she’s ever in an emergency! I found this one and was very sceptical at first. It wasn’t until I was able to use it today that I fell in love with this!!!!

This set comes with everything you will need to change a tire! The biggest part is the 2 in 1 combo of electric hydraulic jack. The jack is lightweight and holds two different purposes. This piece has a flashlight, tire inflator, and jack. The jack is very easy to use and has a max load of 6600lbs. I was able to use this jack to lift up a ford fusion without a problem! In less than 1 minute I was able to lift the car up and get it ready to change the tire. Check out the pictures to see this.

The second part that is most important is the impact wrench! I have never used an impact wrench you might be surprised at first, it winds up and then sends one big hammer hit to help remove the lug nuts. Within a minute or two I was able to remove all the lugs!

The box comes with:
“Combo 2 in 1 Electric Hydraulic Jack: 1 pc
Electric Impact Wrench: 1 pc
Safety Hammer: 1 pc
Plastic Tool Box with reflective sticker: 1 pc
Double-sided lug nut sockets: 2 pcs (23mm( 7/8" ) 21mm(13/16") 19mm (3/4") 17mm( 11/16" ))
Power Cable: 1 pc 10 Feet in Length
Battery Clamp Connecting Cable: 1 pc
Fuses: 2 pcs
Gloves: 1 pair
Reflective safety Triangle to warn oncoming Motorists”

Overall this is a great set!
Very easy to use and will save you money and time if you never need to change a tire.


A use a hydraulic jack in my home shop for jobs ranging from everything from lifting motorcycles, to positioning some of the heavier projects that I work on; and of course for rotating tires. The issue is I am usually working by myself so pumping the jack handle while performing other tasks can get awkward, so I went looking for a better solution.

After some research I decided on The Mechanic jack set as I liked that it is battery powered and includes auto-buttons, so no having to manually pumping up a hydraulic jack or turning a crank handle on a scissor jack.

The Mechanic arrived in a sturdy blow molded case. Usually cases appear to be an afterthought, but the jack and accessories fit nicely in the case and I like that the lid case has real hinges and that the latches are made from metal.

The jack, lift heads, impact wrench, tire pump, and 12-volt accessory socket adapter also all appear to be of good quality.

Using the jack is simple; first install the lift head. Then attach the power cable to the jack. After that, you choose whether you want to power the jack from a 12-volt accessory socket or use the included battery clamps and attach the power leads directly to the battery.

Note: Since the power handling capabilities for 12-volt accessory outlets vary on different vehicles, when possible I will always choose to hook the jack straight up to the battery preventing any likelihood of blowing the vehicles 12-volt accessory fuse.

I just started testing the electric jack and found the lifting action to be smooth and quiet and I have experienced no issues. I really like this electric scissor jack so far; once I have used this electric jack a little more I will update this review.