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Night adventures are the perfect way to learn more about yourself more, while feeling safe and secure.

Lack of safety and security from dangerous trails, deadly animals, or worse, from people, is seriously scary and anxiety provoking! 

Most phone flashlights are 26 to 40 lumen at their brightest, which can't illuminate anything more than 1 feet away from the source.

You need a bright light to make your night outside safe, so you can feel relaxed when you're out there. One that keeps your hands free for holding important things or keeping your hands ready for safety.

The hands-free SuperNova is the brightest star from all the flashlights! It will surprise you with its aircraft-indicator level illumination, lighting up to thousands of feet of trails, making anything stand-out in the dark.

Common flashlights or phone lights are not safe to work with, which feels frustration to have during the dark moments when you need some light!

Now, with the unparalleled SuperNova, stay safe with the 1,200 lumen lights that are adjustable in 90° of your field of vision to look down at the path or straight ahead, with 5 different LED lights! Feel relieved as far as you want to trail, as high as you want to hike, as safe as you want to walk. 

What more? It will help you with any car engine problems outdoors, fishing at night, sea-shell hunting at the beach or navigate worry-free in your other explorations in the dark.

Always remember: Better Safe Than Sorry!

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✔️No More Tripping On Dangerous Trails

✔️5 Bright LEDs For Safest Night-Vision

✔️90° Rotation For Looking Down Or Straight

✔️1,200 Lumen (Aircraft-Indicator-Level) Brightness

✔️IPx4 Waterproofing For Extreme Weathers

✔️Free Two 18650 Lithium Batteries Included

✔️30 Watts of Power-Operated For High Intensity

✔️Avoid Deadly Creatures And Walk Safe At Night


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