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Every woman deserves the ease of having the perfect salon blow-dried hair from home.

Isn't it frustrating to not able to achieve the salon-perfect hair, even if you spent hours drying and styling it, yet it still remains frizzy and bushy?

According to Arsen Gurgov (celebrity hairstylist), you will get frizzy hair when your hair is dry and lacks moisture. "The outer layer of the hair takes in the moisture from the air, causing the hair to swell and frizz," said Gurgov.

Styling Hero is your one-step hairdryer and styler! It helps you tame frizz, static, split ends and detangles your hair conveniently, giving you your desired hairstyle with one hairbrush! 

It uses Ionic technology to restore the balance of positive and negative ions to make your hair shiny, smooth, frizz-free and manageable!

With 3 heat settings, you can choose the heat level easily by rotating it depending on your hair preference. 

It dries, straightens and curls your hair within 15-30 minutes! A 3-in-1 comb that saves you from your hair disasters efficiently and effortlessly!

Styling Hero produces negative ions to give you smooth hair that glides through easily with its soft bristles and nourishes your hair, making it an ideal comb for frizzy hair.

It's the perfect hairdryer-comb for you; a well-groomed person who wants to have an efficient and time-saving way to have the salon-perfect styled hair!

Invest In Your Hair, Your Best Accessory!

*Caution: Do not use on soaking wet/dripping wet hair as dripping water on the product may cause damage to the product.

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What Do People Say:


✔️3-in-1 Hairdryer & Styler For Sexy & Fashionable Hair

✔️Produces Ions For Smooth & Soft Hair

✔️3-Levels Adjustable Temperature For All Hair Types

✔️Eliminates Frizz, Split Ends & Detangles Hair

✔️Flexible Bristles With Massaging Ball Tips

✔️360° Airflow Vent For Efficient Air Output

✔️Tangle-Free Swivel Cord For Easy Maneuver 

✔️Perfect For Everyone



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Customer Reviews

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Debbie D

UPDATE! - MY FRIEND SAID I'D HAVE TO WORK WITH IT TO FIGURE OUT WHAT WORKS BEST FOR ME AND ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW! No one paid me to say this ~~ i just know, as someone with really curly hair underneath, frizz in the top layers, and a bush after blow drying my entire adult life (and i am 51) - this brush/dryer is nothing less than amazing. I had to put it on high, but literally, when i finished my hair was nearly silky. Swear, it almost felt like I'd had a Brazilian blow-out. It is no less than a miracle for my frizzy dry curly hair.

My hair has always turned into a bush when I dry it, which is why I wait to wash it as long as I can. A friend recommended this. I ordered that day and I LOVE IT. I won’t say it’s silky smooth and doesn’t require some heat from the straightener, but it is amazing the difference between this and any dryer I’ve ever used. After drying with this ‘brush’ my hair feels great. It’s much softer and not bushy.

Makes my hair feel the softest it’s ever been!

I cannot believe how much I love this dryer! It makes my hair feel so soft and light as air. Takes a little longer than my other dryer but it’s totally worth it. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t hurt my arm after I’m completely done. I haven’t gone back to my older dryer at all since using this product! I don’t even have to straighten my hair afterward either. It leaves it so smooth and shiny.

Works wonderfully!

I tried it today and I love it! It’s easy to use, but I would recommend you to use a glove to hold the end of the dryer because is very hot! Other than that, I’m happy with the product and it only took me about 15 minutes to do my hair instead of 30 or the 40 I usually do. The delivery time was fast! Thanks!

Excellent Hairbrush-Dryer!

I love this product so much!!! It has cut my hair routine down drastically-25 minutes less time to get ready!
I have hair that is straight but tends to frizz and this brush keeps my frizz down and dries my hair and brushes it all at the same time. The round barrel is great for a straight look or a look with curls at the end. It’s so convenient to use since it’s all-in-one and so I don’t have to juggle my hairbrush and my hair dryer. It has 3 different settings for heat and air strength and so it can be used on semi-wet hair as well! Highly recommend!

Life changing tool!

I have the thickest, most coarse hair. Hairstylists always are amazed at how thick it is. I never blowdryed my hair. I was tired of leaving the salon feeling like a million bucks and then washing my hair and going back to having a frizzy mess. I can blow dry my hair in less than 20 minutes with this brush. It gives me that salon look: smooth and pretty. I do have to still straighten it but it doesn’t take nearly as long as before. For max effect-make sure you use smaller sections and use the same technique as your stylist, curling the brush under as you go. Wish I would have had this years ago!