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Peggy G
A more refreshing shower experience.

At my age I have trouble reaching my ankles and feet while in the shower. This product takes care of that issue. Feels wonderful and I feel good knowing I'm clean from head to toe. Highly recommended.

Sima B
Simply The Best!

It's made my bathing time much more enjoyable. You see, due to age and some shoulder injury I have very limited movement in my right shoulder and being right handed it is always a challenge to clean some areas of my body especially my back. This cleaning machine has made it so easy to reach all those areas. I wish they had included a smaller brush for your face though. Overall I am very happy with this product and have already told my friends and family + also ordered a second one for my mom. :) This is top of the line of any of those out there. Better than all the rest! :D <3

Kim S
has been working great for more than a year

After 1.5 years, it still works great. Easy to maneuver, and does a good job of scrubbing my back. I bought the product because I had back acne issues, and it's been working great to thoroughly clean my backside where it was difficult for me to reach before. Now I no longer suffer from back acne issues, which I have this product to thank for.

Ricky S
Great bath brush

I ordered this because after a long hospital stay and longer recovery my muscle & range of motion was gone. While trying to get it back this helps so much. My skin is fairly sensitive, and there is a nice assortment of different heads to use. I have fibromyalgia and somedays my skin is far more sensitive than others

Erza B
Excellent brush!!

Excellent brush!! Very easy to use. The brushes are very soft and feel great on the skin. Its very convenient and helps get all the hard to reach areas especially the back area. Great product!