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You should have a comfortable quality sleep when you're camping outdoors.

Isn't it uncomfortable to be sleeping on a cold, hard ground when you're camping?

Imagine yourself waking up from the best sleep ever in your camp, without any pain or sores on your body!

Snoozing Camp Mat is the most comfortable, lightweight & compact sleeping pad you'll ever need for your camping trips!   

Many campers struggle to get a good night's sleep outdoor, that's why our sleeping pad provides the comfort your body needs to ensure you're well-rested!

It has thermal insulation that will keep you warm from the cold ground & during cool nights!

You can now sleep comfortably & have the best quality of sleep when camping!

Without a good night's sleep, you will be tired, irritable, have sore back or hips & will ruin your next day!

It's designed with interconnected air cells that adjust to your body shape for optimal support, comfort & warmth! The air cells will keep you lifted throughout the night so that you wake up with a refreshed mind & body!

It's a great sleeping pad for side & back sleepers because it won't bottom out no matter how you lay! You can sleep on it alone or top it with your sleeping bag!

It has an airtight valve that allows you to inflate easily with just 10-15 breaths, deflates & pack up in less than 2 minutes!

It doesn't take up much space in your bag which makes it perfect for camping, backpacking, and hiking!

Comfortable Sleep Just A Few Breath Away!

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✔️Extremely Comfortable To Sleep On

✔️Great For Side & Back Sleepers

✔️Best Outdoor Sleeping Experience

✔️Lightweight & Compact

✔️Keeps You Warm


✔️Easy Inflation & Deflation

✔️Strong & Durable TPU Material

✔️Perfect For Camping, Backpacking & Hiking



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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Grammy in Kansas
Awesome pad for price

We were heading out on a motorcycle trip to Colorado & would tenting it. We had bought my husband a thermarest pad over a year ago for a price of $100.00+. We had just returned from a trip from Raton New Mexico, I decided it was pad time for myself. I don’t tent as much as my husband so I was not wanting to spend a large amount. I seen this pad & the price & thought I can’t really go wrong! I was overly impressed with the size, thickness, easy to blow up/deflate and small size to fit on a bike, backpack or motorcycle. I blew it up in Colorado, slept on it for 3 nights with no loss of air at any time. I will be looking a buying another couple of them just to have!!! Job well done to this company & a big thank you! I am a 5’6 250pound lady & the pad was longer then I & held up to my weight great!!!

The pad works....

Bought the pad to use on a backpack trip. I'm pretty stumpy in size and was not sure if this pad could hold my weight on top of rocky or other types of detritus terrain. I was wrong. The pad stayed inflated and I did not feel any points of discomfort. I had it paired with the Therma-Rest Z-lite because I did not want it to pop, but I move when I sleep and I somehow pushed the Therma-Rest to the side of my tent and ended up on the pad on rough ground. The pad held up just fine. I did not feel fatigued in the morning and was surprised the pad did not pop. I could of used the pad by itself. It is lightweight and does not take many breathes to inflate. After a days hike I was able to inflate the pad in 9 breathes. I have put the pad in my sleeping bag and it worked fine. This pad will work for a single person to sleep on, or a sitting pad for three people, on any terrain.

These negatives would not deter me from buying another one. These are things that just came to me. But maybe some type of anti-slip material at the bottom of the pad. Maybe different color options. Maybe a fitted sheet to lay over once it's inflated. None of these things takes away from a great pad.

-Easy to inflate
-Easy to store


Shannon Hutson
Great product

I live and work in a remote area of Alaska. My job requires me to travel to small villages without overnight accommodations. I spend a lot of nights sleeping on the cold, hard floor in schools. I wanted a well-constructed, yet light-weight product that I could carry in a small backpack. This sleeping pad fits what I need perfectly. I received the pad quickly (which is rare for my shipping area). It was packaged well. It really does inflate in about 15 breaths. The real test was sleeping on it, and I was not disappointed. I am a heavy person (200 lbs.), and did not have issues when I changed positions. With other pads sleeping on my side would result in my hip depressing the pad to the floor. I did not have this issue with this product. This pad sleeps as well as ones I have paid twice the cost for, is lighter weight in my pack, sturdy, and an overall good buy.

Dhawal Kabra
Hike like a CHAMP💪💪 and sleep like a LOG!💤💤💤

This sleeping pad is FREEKIN amazing!
I purchased this sleeping pad for our spring break camping trip in the Adirondacks (New York). I've been camping every year religiously since I was a teen. My old bulky Thermarest foam sleeping pad has been doing the job for years but was a pain in the butt to drag along when all I wanted to keep things lightweight!
I did some research as I’m particular about a pad being long and wide enough to accommodate all of my 6 ft, 296 lb self. (I go stir crazy if so much as a hair, toenail or an oz. of belly fat, touches the floor during my sacred sleep!)
I finally settled on the Snoozing CampMat pad.. the hight star ratings and low price point made this irresistible.
My weight was perfectly distributed and didn’t bottom out even though I slept on my side. For a guy my size that’s like WOW! I really slept like a log!
Overall it’s been amazing, held up to a fair amount of abuse, and was pretty quiet too! I was sure something that took me only 15 breaths to fill would be hissing and squeaking all night but no! It’s quiet and comfortable and even kept me warm as the temperatures dipped lower than originally anticipated.
Most importantly I just love how light and compact this is! Literally packs down to the size of a small Poland spring water bottle! Really made a difference to my trip, I felt so free and light!
Since I had such a thrilling experience with it I decided to try using it in the back of my SUV during a 26-hour drive to Texas to visit my grandmother. It’s the first time I traveled there by car and figured I’d skip the hotel if I could.
Well, wouldn’t you know it, I slept like a baby all night! (I even thought I was kidnapped the first millisecond after waking up with my lenses out and realizing I was in the back of a car! LOL!)
Can’t wait to go on another camping trip just to get some more good use out of this gem!

Rob Winger
Great for bikepacking

This pad is light weight, packs down to the size of a 16oz water bottle and is much more comfortable than my last pad that was thicker and heavier. My old pad was very noisy whenever I would move on it; this one is pretty quiet and I was never awakened when I shifted in my sleep. It takes less than 20 breaths for me to inflate and deflates quickly and easily. I'm 180 lbs, a side sleeper and had no issues bottoming out on the pad (you may bottom out when sitting, but with weight distributed for sleeping it wasn't an issue). It felt as comfortable as pads costing over $100 that I tested at the camping store. Used it on a 4 night bicycle tour and was extremely satisfied.