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It should come as no surprise for pet owners that no matter what your schedule is like, quality one-on-one time with your pets is super important for both your pet and you!

Spending time with your fur babies brings immediate joy, comfort, and instantly reduces your stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, busy schedules and boring chores often get in your way to spend more quality time with them...

Check out the Smol Floof Hoodie! It is a comfortable long-sleeve sweatshirt, that has a cute kangaroo-pouch for you to carry your small-sized pets everywhere you go, truly the only hoodie pet owners will ever need!

The Smol Floof Hoodie comes equipped with adorable cat ears on the top of the hoodie to complete your image as your pet's proud mummy/daddy, and thumbholes on the sleeves to keep you warm and comfy while you're out socializing or hanging out with your pets.

The carrier pouch is also detachable and can be washed separately, allowing you to snuggle with your little furballs without worrying much about cleaning up after their fur, sheddings, or potty mishaps!

The pouch itself can carry a maximum weight of 10 lbs and is best suited for all small animals to snuggle within its large and spacious interior, designed with soft and comfortable fabric to hold your pets whether they're fluffy, scaly, or slimy! 

The Smol Floof Hoodie can also be worn by children and teen pet owners, which is a great way of fostering responsibility, compassion, and all together building a strong cherished bond between them and their tiny friends!

 Maximize The Joyous Moments Together With Your Pets Today!


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✔️Long Sleeve Sweatshirt Equipped With A Large Kangaroo Pouch Pet Carrier

✔️Has Adorable Cat Ears On Hoodie   

✔️Thumbholes On Sleeves For Extra Warmth & Comfort 

✔️2 Side Pockets For Easy Carry Storage 

✔️Detachable Carrier Pouch For easy Cleaning & Washing 

✔️Carries A Maximum Weight Of 10 lbs, Perfect For Smaller Sized Pets!

✔️Large & Spacious Interior For Your Pets To Snuggle Comfortably 

✔️Soft & Comfortable Interior Fabric Acts As A Warm Haven To Hold Your Pets  

✔️Maximize Your Time Spent With Your Pets Handsfree! 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Juana Hintz
Great Cat Sack

We got this as a gift for our cat-loving daughter and she just loved it. It seemed well made and works perfectly with our cats (and they are LARGE 14lb cats)! Would totally buy again!

Barbara Walsh
Absolutely Great!

This may be a silly item, but I love it. My cat likes to sit on my lap when I'm using the computer, and was constantly sliding down (meaning I was constantly getting clawed!). With this shirt, I can put her rear paws into the pocket and she's secure. She doesn't really like to actually get in the pocket, but I think that would vary pet to pet. (A kitten would probably love it!). It would really be cozy for someone with a toy dog to carry around. It is very warm, so if you don't want to wear it, you can just drape the sleeves around your back and still use the pocket. I was not expecting great quality for this price, but was really impressed with how well it is made and all the details (like embroidered paw prints). The sleeves are long with a hole for your thumb if you like that look, or you can just turn them up. The soft, furry lining for the pocket is even held in with zippers so you can take it out to clean it. Every detail is well thought out and I'm really glad I bought this!

Molly Swift
I've gone full crazy cat lady

Crazy cat lady status achieved. This is amazing. Not only do I get to carry my kitties around in a soft cuddly pouch, I get to look like a cat, haha.

Surprisingly, my cats are actually chill with this. It would work for a small dog or even guinea pig or something, too. The pouch is lined with a very soft zip-out liner. I like that it zips out for easy hair-removal. Under the pouch is a standard sweatshirt pocket.

The details on this are just the best. The strings are extra-long and have pom-poms so you can use them as cat toys. The hood has little ears, and the sleeves have paw prints and thumb holes so you can channel your inner kitty. I'm literally obsessed with this thing.

As an added bonus, now that its getting cold, the cat-wearing doubles as a nice little belly-warmer while you go about your business!

Maude Romaguera
Great Stuff!

Looks exactly like the pictures, and is super comfortable and warm! My 12-pound cat is a bit too big to fit in it comfortably, but she *does* fit!
But fear not, if your fur baby doesn't fit inside the front pocket, it's the perfect size for keeping any electronics (Small tablets, phones, etc) without worrying about them falling out the side!

Katherine Pollich
Gracey might hate everything, but she seems to like this

My brother's cat Gracey is very picky about everything, but she really loves this thing. If your cat likes to be held like a baby, this is a good choice. If your cat likes to sit up in your arms, they'll probably hate it. Great material, sturdy build, and many cool features like removable pocket lining, thumb holes, and the pocket is big enough that my laptop and a few folders can fit in there comfortably