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Perfect waistline, toned body, perky hips, and slim legs can truly make everyday and activity more enjoyable.

Regular hoops keep dropping due to lack of coordination, lack of core strength, which can be constantly frustrating!

Just 30-mins of weighted hooping can burn over 300 aerobics calories, improve coordination and give clarity of mind ( Sounds amazing!

Imagine a non-falling hula hoop to help you build better hooping skills so you can feel embarrassment-free while twirling the real-deal and to give you more confidence in everything!

The Smarty Pants is a self-balancing hula hoop that tones bodies of women of all sizes and shapes by breaking the hardest sweats that go beyond calories-burning! Easier to store, its unique belt-design eliminates bruises.

Regular hulahoops cause bruising, are unnecessarily tiring due to exerting to exhaustion just to keep picking it up, which can feel very demotivating.

With the effective Smarty Pants, enjoy feeling confident in your own body. With the centrifugal force of the weight, now improve your lower back flexibility in the most convenient way! Doesn't that sound exciting?

What more? Its latest magnetic technology helps massage your waist for extra comfort, a better grip, and a 360° engagement of your abdominal muscles!

Get Smart. Get Fit. Enjoy Your Free Time!

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✔️No More Falling Hula Hoops

✔️Most Comfortable Smart Weighted Hoop

✔️Anti-Falling Centrifugal Technology For All Waists

✔️Easy To Store, Easy To Use

✔️Perfect For Beginners To Improve Coordination & Balance

✔️Burn Fat & Calories, Reduce Waistline, Exercise Hips, Tone Legs

✔️Removable Chain Links

✔️Magnetic Massage Technology Around Waist


Can my Smarty Pants achieve the fitness effectiveness?
The Smarty Pants achieve regular hula-hoop effectiveness with the added weight

What is the upper and lower limit of the waist size of the product?
There is "no lower limit". The 'My Waistline' option is the upper limit.

Can I buy additional links?
Please choose variant that is the next biggest option. If you need more, then contact our customer service.

Is it hard to assemble?
Easy to assemble (with instruction manual). Just close the clip of the belts. Easy to store.

How should I use my Smarty Pants?
Easy to use. Simply place it at the slimmest part of your waist, throw the weight in any direction, and twirl squeezing your hips and side-abs. Don't forget to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth!



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Great concept!
Helpful Hula Hoop, Fun, Easy to Adjust, Whole Family Enjoys Using It
Gave me effortless workout dream!!!