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Are you looking for the ultimate bike taillight? Boring taillights are for ordinary bikes. When it comes to your high-end road/mountain bike, looks definitely matter. An alpha deserve no less than the best!

The minimalist Alpha Break Light is created with maximum attention to detail for meeting bikers' deepest desires!

Fully automated; it switches on when you ride your bike, flickers when you break and turns off when you stop riding for more than a minute.

It's sleek in design, versatile enough to be tied below your bike saddle, powerful enough to be noticed in the twilight, and smart enough to indicate the driver behind when you break.

Gear up your bike with the sexiest upgrades and ride safe!

Order yours today!

✔️Fits on Any Bike Frame

✔️Premium CNC Aluminum Alloy Chassis

✔️Light + Motion Sensors and Break Indicators

✔️Powerful Red COB LEDs + EnSca Lens

✔️Energy Saving & Cost Effective

✔️Size & Weight: 45 x 56 x 34 (cm) & 38g

✔️IPx6 Waterproof for All Conditions

✔️Manual & Auto Modes

✔️Self-Adaptive Balancing Technology


Due to high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for all US and International orders.


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Customer Reviews

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I love how it zip-ties cleanly to the saddle rails, and has a really nice tucked-in look. It basically looks like it is part of my saddle. I have found the light plenty bright, and long-lasting on a charge. The brake function of the light, where it gets bright when I decelerate, is just cool. It is hard to see while riding but I've caught my reflection in a few windows, and when braking it does indeed get brighter. The metal case feels extremely well made. I also like how the light itself unscrews from the base so you can charge it while the base stays firmly fastened to the saddle rails.

If I had one gripe, it would be that there is a tiny space where the LED's don't form a complete circle. In the name of aesthetics, I wish that it was a full continuous unbroken ring of light instead of that little notch missing an LED. A minor gripe, it doesn't affect the performance and I just screw in the light so the notch sits at the top or bottom vertically.

I hope the unit lasts!


best light I’ve ever bought.. and ive bought many

auto on/off

Brake lights..

This thing seemed overpriced at first but damn, it’s quite possibly too cheap!

BUILT IN ACCELEROMETER, LIKE WHAT, IDEK what that is, but it works great!

I wish there was a way to mount 2 or 4 for that GTR or corvette look.. maybe in the future.

But for now I’m happy.


For $29 I can't complain. I needed a small rear light to fit under my saddle as I have a dropper post so can't attached anything to the post. It's very bright, feels well made for such a cheap light and comes with different modes, solid, solid bright, flashing and a pulse mode. It also has an auto mode to detect when you're moving so you don't have to turn it on. I haven't used that yet as the light is for when I get caught out in the evening when the sun goes down. I do mainly daylight riding as traffic is super heavy around my area Bay Area CA - I need to ride a few miles to get to the trails.


It just works when I need it. I don't have to remember to turn it on.


This is perfect, works as if you had a car... really lights up when reducing speed and absolutely no worries - don't even have to remember to turn it on! - ideal for a teenager. I wish they had a front light just like this one.