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Do you find it a struggle to be able to rest when traveling?

A lot of us like traveling, but it often gets very tiring. It's even worse if you don't sleep the night before or have night flights!

The Sleeping Shoulder lifts weight off your shoulder, and allows you to sleep comfortably, wherever you are. It has a 3D self-inflation push button with a one-way valve, which no longer requires you to come in contact with it, using your mouth.

It's more than a neck-pillow; it's a whole sleeping package that comes with noise-canceling earbuds.

Stay hygienic, say goodbye to your neck pain and proudly rest in your next flight!

Order yours now! 


✔️Free Pouch, Noise Cancelling Earbuds, & Mystery Gift

✔️Comfy Premium Material

✔️Easy Press Inflation Technology

✔️Light Weight and Compact

✔️Neck Rest Design


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Customer Reviews

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Bought this pillow for my boyfriend who had a LONG travel ahead of him. I had recently bought another one off of a different company that has the air-blow inflating/deflating, and i purchased this one because it has the self-inflating option. Love the curved neck rest to keep your head and neck from getting sore, and after a 16 hour trip to his destination and another back home, he has absolutely NO COMPLAINTS about this pillow and has nothing but good things to say about it.


My husband used it for a few flights, and here is what we think of this neck pillow:

(+) The smallest one
(+) Light weight (0.6 pounds)
(-) Not that comfortable when fully inflated - pushes head a little forward; little lesser side support


From a 40+ trips per year traveler that is focused on lightweight and compact,
I will admit I was a little skeptical. In some ways this product had too many great reviews. But I wasn't having good luck with the other inflatable pillows I had tried, so I decided to give this a shot. And after almost a year, I have really nothing but good things to say about this. I take at least two redeyes a month with my business and this product has given me the ability to sleep through almost everyone one.
The material is very soft and the pump (which was my biggest concern) is well-designed and very durable. While it is a little bulkier than some of the other competition, it is still very compact and easily squeezes into a section of your bag, or the carbiner allows you to put outside of your bag if you just don't have enough space. I find that the stuff bag is very helpful as a place to hold keys, wallet, passport, phone while you are getting your beauty sleep on the way over one of the world's great oceans. Since buying my first, I've bought one for one of my key travelers and another to keep in one of my key destinations, just in case I forget it.
Don't second guess it like I did at first. Just order it. You'll be glad you did.


I don't love this style of travel pillow, but if I wanted this kind (U-shape), I'd be pretty happy with it. The fabric is nice; it is lightweight; and it packs easily into little travel bag. It inflates easily and deflates quickly. I prefer it with the points down, which I think is considered upside down.

I have a hard time getting to sleep even in my own bed, so a good travel pillow is worth a lot to me. I wanted it because of the small size.


I loved it. took it on a trip with me through a few flights, best part is most people were traveling with their stuffed neck pillow around their necks, or strapped on their purses, back packs, and carry-ons. I saw many people dropping them on the floor and trying to juggle the bags, headsets and neck pillows, while mine was discreetly tucked inside my tiny day pack. It can be turned sideways or even backwards for different types of support as well as filling it at different levels. When my flight was canceled, I didn't have to haul one around for 6 hours nor did I have to always have it out during the 5-7 hour flights, taking up precious leg and arm room. Shipping was quick, packaging was great, even the bag that comes with it is sturdy. This was one of my smarter purchases.