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Shower Master

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Are you terrified of drawing a burning hot or freezing cold bath for your baby?

The smart Shower Master shows you the water-temperature on its bright LED display! Now safely bathe your babies.

Easily install it between your water-faucet or shower-hose to let it test the waters with its built-in high quality thermometer, with accuracy down to .5°C!

Showering under extreme temperatures is harsh for your baby's sensitive skin-health.

Shower Master is necessary! Doctors recommend between 37°C (98.6°F) and 38°C (100.4°F) for your baby.

No more crying in bathing time!

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✔️Accurate Shower Temperature LEDs

✔️Universal International Standard (1/2" Screw Nut) Hose Fitting

✔️Fits Showers, Basins, Kitchen Faucets

✔️Fastest Measuring Speed

✔️No Batteries/Built-in Water Pressure Power Generator

✔️360° Display Rotation


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I purchased this indicator in March of this year (2019) online after seeing a similar concept in BB&B. It made it easier to transition my son from taking baths to taking showers. After having it for almost 2 months, I've actually grown to enjoy it very much myself, because the display indicate water temperature (maybe this is obvious to everyone who bought this, but I purchased this LED shower-indicator because it was not a multi-colored shower head, and most of the other indicators are lights that are with shower heads, which were low-end plastic).

I've had way too many experiences of getting in the shower when the water was either freezing cold or scalding hot. Now, after turning the shower on, I wait until the the temp comes to 39 degrees, and I know it's a comfortable temperature.


I'm happy enough with the temperature function! While I didn't purchase any of the other shower head indicators elsewhere, I did read enough complaints about the cheap quality plastic components breaking and lack of included hose with other shower-heads online.
At a much lower price, I feel that this was a very fair price.


Pro's: Very easy install; all I needed was my channel set pliers; Standard size- I had a Moen that was on the hose. All I did was disconnect the Moen shower head from the hose and put on the new shower master, then the head to the existing hose.
The old shower head works perfectly fine (no leaks). LEDs are bright and reasonably indicate water temperature (I haven't had a problem yet with it).

Con's: So far none. Will update if I find any.


This thermometer works as expected. I really like it!

I just wish it would also show how much water is being consumed because that's also relevant information for me.


This has been a really neat addition to the kids bathroom. It was easy to install, no teflon tape needed. It doesn't leak (although if it did, I'd have taped it.)
It's had the added benefit of making a shower before bed much more attractive than a morning shower, so the bathroom is less tied up in the mornings. ;)

I'm slightly jealous and am considering getting one for the grown ups!