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Worried about where to store your home-SIM when traveling to another country?

International roaming can be very expensive. Most people use a local number to connect with the people of the countries they travel to, but easily lose the SIM.

The ingenious Safe SIM is here to secure your SIM cards, so your mind is worry-free when you switch & swap your SIMs.

Just strap it on your passport, as a safe place to store your home SIM, until vacation is over. Then use it to store the other country's SIM when you return.

The friendly Safe SIM comes with an eject pin, making it your perfect must-have travelers' gadget!

Keep your SIMs close by. Stay connected.

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✔️With Free Eject-Pin

✔️Fits & Grips All Passport and SIM Cards

✔️Premium & Durable Elastomer

✔️Passport-Sized, Lightest, Strongest & Thinnest

✔️Perfect for (Overseas) Traveling

✔️Comes In a Pair For Your Travel Buddy



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chad A.

My partner and I travel often, and I'm constantly paranoid about losing our SIM cards, as I usually just stick them in the package that our temporary SIM cards come in, and they've fallen out before.
The concept of this seems a little OCD, and maybe I'm a little OCD, but I think it's going to do well, and I think also a better product than some others available. I don't need to store 32 microSD cards.


I have been looking for something like this for over a year to store the SIM cards I use for my cell phone when I travel.
I couldn't have asked for a better product.
My SIMs fit well in the pockets, they are protected, and the included tool to release the SIM tray from my Iphone 7 is just what I needed!

I am very happy with this purchase. My compliments on a well designed product.


As someone who travel internationally often and is swapping out SIM cards on a regular basis, this product is a no brainer! I love the mechanics of it, and it feels very well made and secure for the price.
I wish I would have sought this out a long time ago. I definitely recommend it!

Mark Russell

TBH US has very expensive carrier based international packages. I travel internationally and instead of paying AT&T's outrageous roaming fees, I have several sims - one for Europe, one for Japan, etc. I needed something to store them in.

I found this via fb and came here to purchase it. It is well made and compact - perfect size to slip it on my passport.

Bryson R

I bought this after losing my SIM card while changing it on the plane.

I bought this product for a tip to Europe during which I was going to switch out my SIM card to a European card. I comes with a small SIM removal tool which works well if you have lost the one (like I have) that came with your phone.

I've been on a few trips since getting this holder and it's perfect. I just leave it on my carry-on bag, so whenever I go to the airport, all my non-US SIM cards and an eject tool are right there on hand. I wish I'd thought to look for something like this years ago.
Overall this product worked as described and the cost was not excessive.