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Looking for an interesting game for your family time?

Rubik's Challenge is a head to head fast-paced square shifting board game, which is based on the Rubik's cubeboard!

You shake the scrambler to create a new pattern & immediately, players race to arrange the 3 x 3 center tiles to match according to the pattern given!

It's a game that children, adults & the elderly can enjoy playing together! It's a competitive fast-paced game because a game only lasts about 2 to 3 minutes!

It's a game that tests your brain, logic, speed & dexterity! It's an educational game that encourages visual-spatial skills, critical thinking, logical thinking & quick thinking!

It's a great addition to any family & friends meeting because this game will bond your relationships & make it stronger!

It will also be the perfect gift for your friends & families because everyone will love this game!

A Game For Everyone!

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✔️Fast-Paced 2 Players Game

✔️Educational Brain Game

✔️Bonds Relationships

✔️Suitable For Any Age

✔️Perfect For Any Occasion

✔️Great Gift Idea



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Who is the Rubik's Race master?

We bought this game last weekend and love it. Easy to set up with very fast play. Each round lasts about 2 to 3 minutes. One player shakes the cube to create the pattern. Then both players slide their tiles to try to recreate the pattern in the center square on their board. The first player to think he or she has created the match pulls down the center wall to declare victory! Fun, fast and a new favorite in our house.

Great game, just wish it was more portable in design!

Great game, just shake the scrambler and race to replicate the color blocks in the scrambler. I play with my 4yr old and made it easier by taking 2 tiles out of her tray. Hopefully she’ll be able to grow into playing the full version as time pass.
But product design-wise, I wish they could have made it more portable. As a mom of a 4yr old, I’m always looking for brain teaser or puzzle games which I can bring to restaurants to keep my little one occupied as opposed to screen time. This is a great game, just not that portable, too many little tiles and it doesn’t fold up well for storage either. To stash it away, all 48 tiles need to be taken out, no bag to store them. The plastic game plate doesn’t fold up nicely. You basically take apart the game and put it back in the box hoping you don’t loose any pieces along the way. But I feel like this could easily be made into a pack-n-go game if the game board folds up holding all the colored tiles inside. Just don’t understand why the manufacturer didn’t think about that.

Easy to play and fast paced. Great for adults and kids to play together

Really like this game! Bought it for some quick family fun before trips, after homework, etc. Easy to put together. Was some wear marks on shaker cubes, but they should be ok since they are protected under dome once assembled. Player slide pieces are molded colored plastic w/ black edges (not stickers for colors) which is good. I put a little dot on one set of the pieces so it would be easier to reassemble and have equal colors on both sides after storage.

Speaking of storage, you have to disassemble the game for storage after playing if you want to use the box it was packaged in, and since the slider pieces are loose inside the player tray areas they WILL fall out when the board is tilted- not a problem during actual game play though. I decided not to take the game completely apart and opted for just putting the game pieces in a ziplock for storage.

After three games, (grandson and I played 'best of three' before he went outside to play), there were already wear lines on the play area trays from sliding the pieces, which may be cosmetically bad but good for easier/quicker sliding as more games are played.

. Easy to play, makes play 'even' for multiple ages to play together
. Frame and play area easy to assemble
. Molded plastic pieces w/ really good color and texture
. Great value for quality and playability

CONS (I use the term loosely):
. No 'track' system to hold sliding pieces in play area (which would also make storage easier)
. Having a pouch or some other storage system would have been good
. No 'easy' way to sort pieces to make sure there's even numbers/colors on both sides (easy fix though)

Fun 2 player game

Nice sliding puzzle. I play with my child and we both enjoy it very much. It came well packaged. There are 8 tiles of each colors -red, blue, green, white, yellow and orange, same as rubik's cube. 4 tiles of one color - 24 for each player. The tiles are nice,brightly colored and move smoothly.
You need to take it apart to transport it, however putting it back is easy.
It is fairly easy to understand to play. It takes fine hand movements and fast thinking to play this game. It is a puzzle and a game.Even my 5 year old enjoys it.
Sometimes when we shake the scrambler, more than 4 tiles of the same color appear and we have to shake it again.
Even as 2 player game, we have fun playing as a family. 2 players play, others cheer on and give ideas.

A Must Have

Great purchase! So fun for everyone in the family. Easy to learn and fast paced. Left it sitting out over Memorial Day weekend and it got a ton of action. However, there are a couple cons to this product. The colored pieces are all individual and do not stay in the main game piece. I store them in a Ziploc bag. Also the main game piece is made up of 3 pieces that aren't very sturdy when interlocked. That being said, I would buy this product again. I actually plan on buying several for gifts. I definitely recommend!