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Did you know identity theft remains one of the fastest-growing crimes in America?

According to a study from Javelin Strategy & Research, there were 14.4 million victims of identity fraud in America in 2018! There's a new victim of identity theft every 2 seconds!

Protect yourself from identity theft & erase all traces of sensitive information with Roll & Hide roller stamp!

It has a unique stamp pattern designed to mask your addresses, social security numbers, account numbers or ID numbers!

Unlike shredded papers, stamped documents are recyclable! With its rolling mechanism & pre-inked mount, Roll & Hide is fast, portable quiet & mess-free!

Shredded paper is difficult to recycle because of how tiny it is, making it easy to slip through the paper separator at a recycling facility. Shredding papers also shortens its fibers, which reduces the paper's potential for future use!

It's perfect to use it on prescription bottles, bills, bank statements, tax returns, cashed checks, shipping labels & other important documents!

Roll & hide your personal information prior to sharing or disposing of them to stop benefiting dumpster divers!

You can now feel confident that your personal information is safe from prying eyes without going through the hassle of tearing documents into small pieces!

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft Crime!

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✔️Protects Your Personal Information

✔️Great Alternative To Shredder

✔️Can Be Used On Many Types Of Paper

✔️Convenient & Saves Time

✔️Simple, Effective & Easy To Use

✔️Compact, Quiet & Mess-Free

✔️Perfect For Home & Workplace


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Customer Service Top Notch

I am very satisfied with the quality of camouflaging/hiding information this product is capable of. I have used them on prescription bottles, packages & mail. I find it works best on prescription bottles. Most of my prescription bottles use a glossy type of paper. If the ink can’t immediately cover use an emory board to rough the surface a little. Anyway, I was so impressed I ordered a couple of sets for some friends. Unfortunately one of the pieces in a set was defective. Ink was leaking all over the place.

I contacted the seller via email and their response is what will keep me as a customer. They took care of the issue with absolutely no hesitation and no problems. That kind of service makes me a return customer.

Works clean with one swipe

I’m really glad I bought this. So far so good.

Very quick and easy to use, no mess at all. And most importantly, it WORKS with one swipe.

I don’t know about them drying out or any of that, but mine is lasting so far. Frankly, they don’t cost that much, so if it lasts me a year, I am satisfied.

These photos are w one swipe. The first one is held up to a light.

Daniel Gaines
Really Effective

My wife is very particular about covering up any kind of personal data before it gets tossed. We try to shred everything but sometimes that's just a bit too much. When I saw these I thought they were a bit pricey, but I got them anyway. They work great! They really cover. One or two things that we had to go over twice, but that was the exception rather than the rule. Very happy with this purchase.

Archibald Von
Faster than shredding to keep info secure

Not messy at all - i was concerned once I used it the bottom would be "inky" and leave a mess but no problem at all. Blocked out the info on the first swipe.

Mari Benitez
Excellent product!

this works pretty well, i'm confident my info will be safe now, however, please advise when it comes to glossy or semi-glossy paper, no matter how many times you go over it with the roller, if you turn on the light, you can still see your info from the reflection of the light. food for thought. (paper credit card offers for example)