Quiet Dry - Boot & Shoe Dryer That Eliminates Bad Odor/Mold

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You deserve to keep your feet comfortable, healthy, and dry!

Isn't it frustrating and a hassle to wait for days just to get your footwear dry out especially in the wet and cold season?

Imagine having dry and pre-warmed shoes when you wake up the next day...

Protect your shoes from damage and odor with Quiet Dry. It is a compact dryer that ensures even circulation of heat through your shoe, a silent and efficient way to preserve the life of your shoewear and other clothing in great condition!

With the intelligent timer, you can now set different working time for different shoewear without worrying about power consumption and save energy!

It features a long-lasting controlled high temperature that ensures no damage to your boots and shoes from overheating.

This wonderful device can be extended up to 14 inches and easily folded. Flexible design and great portability to restore your soggy shoes to comfort most of the time!

Quiet Dry works with all kinds of footwear materials and perfect for the winter and rainy season!

No More Stinky Feet! 

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✔️Shoe Dryer For The Winter & Rainy Season

✔️Eliminates Moisture & Preserve Footwear Gear

✔️Prevent Foot Fungus

✔️Safe & Efficient Heat-Controlled Temperature

✔️Great For Travelling

✔️Perfect For Boots, Sneakers, Gloves & More



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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

These work perfectly! I had some reservations about leaving them on overnight to dry my running shoes, but neither these nor the shoes felt hot in the morning--just slightly warm. I almost thought they weren't working at first because the heat they put off is so minimal...I wouldn't recommend these if you're in need of a quick dry solution. For overnight (or 6-8 hours), though, these are perfect--and a nice bargain. Definitely recommend.

Tushenka Renucci

Well built. I did not know it has temperature control to prevent overheating. It is slowly raising the temperature so be patient with it. Normally, i left it in my shoes overnight. It does take time to dry because of safety issues. Otherwise, great product to have when winter comes. I will be using it for my boots after shoveling the snow.


Temperature control is very good !I am relieved to use


The best product on the market!
Very good quality.


Quick dry for my work boots! I don’t let them sit on the machine too long in fear it will burn them. But it works great and eliminates odor!