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Purr Chase

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Does your cat easily get bored with the toys you bring?

Pet-cats become lazy and lose their natural instinct without the sense of hunting.

The smart Purr Chase is a special toy designed to play with your cat in your stead! It keeps your cats stimulated while you’re busy and keeps them happy!

With a Lithium-power motor, the unique Purr Chase rolls around the house as your cat chases it.

Now your sassy cat will become more vigilant, instead of sitting in weird places or disturbing you while you sleep!

Get your cat the latest tech, and never worry about neglecting your cat again.

Live smart. Love smart.

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✔️Auto-Rotation Technology

✔️No Batteries Required

✔️Smart Design; Avoids Being Stuck in Corners

✔️Cat's Natural Instinct Stimulator

✔️Charge Runs for 4 Hours

✔️Stops Every 15 Mins for Safety

✔️Easy To Operate

✔️Perfect For Lazy Cats



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