Punch Needle Kit

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Are you interested to start embroidery but do not have the necessary tools or time to do so?

The Punch Needle Kit is the perfect starter kit for beginners like you to dive into the world of embroidery!

The art of embroidery is believed to be an ancient craft passed down to us from the goddess Athena herself from the Greek Mythologies!

With the Punch Needle Kit, this wonderful art has been modernized to be made simpler for people of all ages, including you and I!

This Punch Needle Kit is a complete starter kit with all the embroidering essentials such as an embroidery pen, embroidery threads, a bamboo hoop, embroidery cloths and more to get you started with your first embroidery experience!

The sturdy embroidery pen is designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort, as compared to the traditional way of embroidery where sharp needles are used, which often leads to injuries!

To get your embroidery pen ready, the thread needs to be put in from the back, and pulled all the way through from the front side of the pen first, then put it through the needle hole.

Now you can start punch needling by pushing the needle straight down into your fabric, and bring the needle back up slowly, but bear in mind not to lift the needle up too much and let it remain touching the fabric! Repeat the process until your project is done!

You also have the option to create different sizes of loops by adjusting the length of the needle with the dial on the handle, thus creating your own unique variations of textures and designs without having spend too much time on it!

According to studies, embroidery proves to be a therapeutic hobby and has played a role in relieving the stress and anxiety of embroiders. It is the perfect starter kit to work your fingers and calm your mind!

Your finished masterpiece can then be attached onto your bags, pillows, clothes and other decorative pieces to your liking!

It is the perfect gift for your friends, family and loves ones and a well-deserved treat for yourself!

Embroidery made Simple & Accessible for Everyone!

What's included in the kit: 1x Embroidery Pen, 50x Embroidery Threads, 1x Bamboo Hoop, 2x Embroidery Cloths, 1x Bottle of 9 Embroidery Needles, 1x Thread Remover, 1x Yard Scissors, 10x Winding Plates, 1x Measuring Tape, 1x Embroidery Thimble, 2x Threaders, 1x Water-Soluble Pen

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✔️Perfect Starter Kit For Beginners

✔️Easy To Use

✔️Personalized Texture & Design

✔️Time Efficient

✔️Relax & Calming



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Very nice package with all useful tools according to my mother
the perfect gift to my grandmother
Sew easy
More than enough for a beginner
Embroidery floss cross stitch shreds kit is portable and tidy organized in a box