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WARNING: Our customers have reported feedback of orgasmic-experience standing on true level and looking at life-changing perfection.

Are you tired of chalking and re-tiling, frustrated with unaligned and not squared tiles and annoyed by imbalanced hangings on your walls?

Most people and workers use eyeballing and chalking that results in painstaking mistakes, taking all the satisfaction from the house away!

PrecisionX is not only the most precise 90° angle leveler, but is the tool to bring you inner satisfaction, peace and joy when you look around the walls and floor of your home.

Unlike malleable clamps restricted to specific widths and number of items workable on, PrecisionX extends its accuracy up to 30 feet with only a 1/8" variation to help you work on projects stretching from room to room!

Awarded the best laser-beams with no weak spots, the best level with perfect angling system, and the best versatility using proper sticking technology, this unique leveler has made many people's lives truer than before.

With the intuitive suction cups at the bottom, you can now firmly stick the PrecisionX on your projects; vertical or horizontal... everything is your canvas!

Easy to use and made from extremely durable material, simply press the "on" button, align the PrecisionX to what you want to square, level with the bubble, and work away in total bliss!

Experience True Square. True Level. True Satisfaction.

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✔️Inner Satisfaction With True Square & True Level

✔️90° Double-Laser 'X' Angle & Leveler Bubbles

✔️Suction Cups For Wall Hangings, Kitchen & Bathroom Tiles

✔️High Accuracy Range: 0.0005"/" (0.5mm/m)

✔️Perfect for Hanging Paintings, Tiling Floor, Stairs, Quilting

✔️Extremely Bright Laser-Beams

✔️Easy-Install, Easy-Eject, Easy-Use

✔️Highly Durable Material For Construction

✔️Power: 3AA Batteries


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jack Jr.

The picture shows the initial results for trueness and it passed right out of the box for at least 10-12ft lengths. The lighting is ambient sunlight streaming through a patio sliding glass door (recently cleaned).
The laser lines are readily visible.

The suction cup test was okay-ish for painted drywall with a semi-gloss finish, but the cups seem to be intended for glass or tile hard surfaces which would work fine.

Overall a value priced item that works for a good price.


I don't think bargain tools warrant 5-stars because they aren't intended to compete at those prices and some types of work will reflect the grade of the tool used, but this PrecisionX gets my top rating, compared to other items at this price point which may skimp on even reasonable functionality and sometimes don't manage to reach 2-stars.

I won't leave this in the tool box or expose the chassis to much heat to avoid distorting it or otherwise damaging the tool.

Matthew McArdle

This will be handy for running masking lines, cross cutting sheet materials, checking table saw squareness...and similar tasks!
Love it since day one!

Karen J.

I am putting tile down around an island in my kitchen and I was concerned about the exactness of the 90 angle.
It needs to be accurate or the tiles will not line up after all 4 sides are laid.
I was nervous about the reviews here but I ordered the laser anyway and yes, it was not set at 90.
It was off by 1/2 inch at 10 feet. But it was an easy fix.

Take the cover off and each laser head has 4 adjusting screws.
I tightened the one that was off and it is now dead on accurate at 30 feet.

Awesome for what I spent compared to others I have that I cannot adjust!!!


I ordered this for cutting fabric. I needed something that would let me cut straight lines and this did the trick.