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Isn't it exhausting to gather firewoods? Isn't it better if you have an easier way to cut through the wood?

Pocket Saw is a 26 inches heat treated high carbon steel chainsaw with 35 teeth! It's made for a fast, easy, efficient yard work and a great useful camping tool! 

It comes with bi-directional blades & cut 3 times faster than other competitors because its sharp cutting blade is embedded on every link & has more teeth!

It's a multipurpose chainsaw because not only that it's a great outdoor survival kit, it's a great tool to be used to trim & prune trees too!

It's lightweight, compact & portable because you can store it in its waterproof heavy-duty nylon pouch, providing you easy access to your handsaw!

What more, it will be a great workout session for your arms!

Perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, yard work or any outdoor adventures!

A survival kit that will be a great gift for all your outdoor enthusiast friends & loved ones! 

An Essential Tool For Survival!

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✔️26 Inches Heat Treated High Carbon Steel

✔️Cuts Through Anything From Thin Branches To Thick Tree Trunks

✔️Cuts 3 Times Faster

✔️Most Durable Hand Saw & Survival Kit

✔️Lightweight & Compact

✔️Perfect For Camping, Backpacking, Yard Work, Hiking

✔️Great Gift Idea For Outdoor Enthusiasts



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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
yihang chen
Worth the value, Great camping saw ever

Super nice camping saw made of high quality material. Looks very nice, I really like the shape, the sawtooth are firm and efficient as description, easy to use, would recommend to my friends. Definitely would carry it for every camping trip, or even daily, it's flexible and come with portable pocket. Last trip I did not have a good tool like this for cutting fire wood. Well, here is what I need.

E. Litteral
I bought this after utterly failing to cut down a ...

I bought this after utterly failing to cut down a small (3" diameter) tree with one of the wire-type pocket saws. I went back to the same tree and was able to cut it down in under a minute with minimal hassle using this saw. It is larger, heavier, and more expensive than the wire type ones, but it works and that's the most important criteria. The ring of damaged bark in the attached photo is as much as the wire saw was able to do.

Phock Yah!

This is amazing! I bought it to take down a branch about 25 high. Threw a rock over it (tied to a string, of course (which in turn was tied to a heavy rope)) pulled the saw up an over, took less than two minutes of wiggling to get it on the right side and began. One hand pulled, while the other was slack, took to heart the let-the-saw-do-the-work mantra. There was snagging that got me a bit pessimistic and I didn't know how much force the saw could take, but firm pulling got it going again and in no time the branch was down. Fell onto a chain link fence with the saw pinned under it. I got it free and not a kink or bend in it at all! Absolutely ecstatic about this purchase! My advice, don't pull the saw to the very end of the links during the sawing, so you always have a little room to play if it gets stuck.

Martin L Morales
The thing could use more teeth but for the price it’s not bad.

Ok, first off this is something that you’re going to want to maintain. Oil it up (not too much though) as I feel the moving parts could ultimately break or it must rust. I found it a little difficult to use at first but once you get into a certain rhythm then it becomes much easier. The thing could use more teeth but for the price it’s not bad. The part that actually rips through the wood is the claw looking bit, not the folded part. I’ve got some pictures up so you’ll see. The pouch it comes in is nice, nothing special with minor odd looking details and you can loop your belts through the back part. Finally, the striker it comes with isn’t the greatest but it’s not terrible either. Overall a good item to have. Might save your life, you never know.

Great Product!!!

This is a amazingly simply product that I did not know existed untill the other day. I cut some pretty big branches, all in all the first day i cut 4 branches that ranged from 2-5 inches each.

Now just a fyi this will be a great workout for your arms and they will turn into jelly as it does take some time to cut trough the bigger branches., but with each pull you do get a satisfying puff of sawdust so you know its eating away at the branch.

There is one small improvement that I hope they come out with in a version 2 and that's better straps that attach to the saw as you can see in my first picture one side is starting to fray some. Now this is a very minor complaint for me because if your using this product your probably handy enough to tie some paracord around the metal bracket to make a better strap but just want to let everyone know to watch out for that small issue.

You really cant complain about this product it's amazing for $20!!! After my first days work all the teeth and links were still in perfect shape and live to cut more branches when im ready for another workout.