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You deserve to travel comfortably & without any strains!

Isn't it uncomfortable to sleep during long-haul flights?

It makes your neck stiff & shoulders sore! Your head might also flop sideways or forward, preventing you from having a good rest!

Pillow Scarf is a travel pillow with neck support! It's designed to prevent you from having a stiff & sore neck while you're sleeping when traveling!

It wraps around your neck like a regular scarf! It's scientifically proven to support your head and neck in a better ergonomic position than a U-shaped travel pillow. 

With the internal H-shaped ribs being removable, the scarf is machine washable so you'll always have a fresh & clean, ready to go pillow scarf for your travels!

The internal neck support system is made with memory foam, allowing you to have the most comfortable sleep & making it the best travel pillow for you!

The scarf is made from polar fleece, designed to give you maximum comfort & warmth! It's also much more comfortable & cozy than most travel blankets or pillows!

It stops the need for you to lean against the window & bopping sideways or forward during your rest in the airplane!

Perfect for long-haul traveling by air, bus, car or you can even use it when resting on the sofa!

It's the perfect gift for your traveling friends & families because its lightweight, portable & easy to carry around!

Long-Haul Flights Have Never Been This Comfortable!

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✔️Head-Neck Internal H-Shaped & Memory Foam Support

✔️Super Soft & Comfy Premium Polar Fleece Material

✔️Maintain Ergonomic Position

✔️Machine Washable

✔️Lightweight, Easy To Carry, Pack & Use

✔️Perfect For Traveling



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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Perfect for me

I do not sleep on planes and have tried every trick, neck pillow and sleeping aid combination to no avail. This contraption? AWESOME! I recently went to Dubai on vacation and was dreading the 13 hour flight. I slept for 8 hours. Insane. So comfortable, easy to use and as long as you don't cinch it too tight and strangle yourself, you should get some good shut eye.

Good neck support

The product worked very well for my long flight. The neck piece is sturdy and will hold you head in the correct position. I really liked how I could use it as a neck supportfor the back of my neck when sitting normal. The one down side my husband had was the wrap around fleece,he said he got to hot. I am cold natured and I loved it. All over a great product.

Lucie Greenfelder
The product was great

Great item. But the fleece can get hot to the skin. My hubby snores like crazy and it can be very embarrassing on the plane but he slept quietly because of his head angle

Comfortable for the long haul

I bought this for a long-haul flight from the East Coast to Asia and my few takeaways are below.

Slight cons:
- Given the fleecy material, it can get a bit warm when the cabin isn't the usual temperature of a meat locker, but for the most part was cozy.
- I like to listen to music to sleep on a plane, and having this in place did interfere with my on-ear headphones. Though, I'm not sure a shorter profile structure would have the same stability.

- My head stayed comfortably in place and I had no neck strain; even after 28 hours of travelling.
- Unlike a typical neck pillow, when not being used, this can be easily packed away.
- You can pick up all sorts of weird things on airplanes, so I love the ability to remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine.
- Some people have said it's difficult to figure out how to wrap, but I found it very easy to get it situated and placed.

Overall: This was WAY better than your traditional neck pillows and would definitely recommend it to friends.

DST Seven
I was skeptical but this is a winner!

This is probably my 10th attempt at a travel pillow. A few things about me:

1. I can only sitting on the right side of the plane because I can only sleep while leaning on my right side.
2. I can't live or fly without my Bose QC 45 II's and most pillows don't pair comfortably with over the ear headphones.
3. In flight, I sleep with my glasses on just in case of an emergency. I NEED TO SEE what's going down.
4. I typically wear a scarf in flight because I don't like my neck to be cold.

For the reasons above, THIS PILLOW ROCKS! It does the job of supporting a side sleeper like myself while pairing perfectly with my headphones and glasses. Last but not least, I didn't need to bring a scarf.

No more bobble head and compact in size..... who cares if it looks crazy. I like to stand out!