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Being the foundation of our entire skeletal system, did you know that we have over 7000 nerve endings in each foot alone?! Sadly, we seem to have overlooked and flat out neglected its health one too many times due to our busy schedules... 

Well, you can show them more love now without investing time and money on foot reflexologies! All it takes is a portion of your shower time and gentle scrubbing with the Pedi Bath Scrub! 

It is a foot scrub with tiny suctions on its back, that allows you to stick it onto your bathroom floor or bathtub to scrub your feet clean, without having to hurt yourself bending over and reaching for your toes. 

Alternatively, you can also step on the flaps on the side to hold it in place, instead of hopping around awkwardly on one leg... Giving you better control and manoeuvrability to scrub your feet without any balancing issues!

There are soft bristles on the inner section of the Pedi Bath Scrub that are firm enough to massage and stimulate the pressure points on your feet accurately; yet soft and gentle enough to avoid scraping and hurting your skin.

The stiff bristles on the outer section are angled perfectly for you to scrub every nook and cranny of your feet thoroughly. Keeping your feet soft, smooth, and clean, relieved of dead skins, callouses, and dirt that causes bacterial and fungal growth! 

The Pedi Bath Scrub also has a loop that allows you to hang it up when you're done using it for better drying capabilities, preventing it from remaining on the bathroom floor which becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew infestations.


Keep Your Heels, Soles & Toes In Tip-Top Shape!

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✔️ Ergonometric Design Bathroom Foot Scrub 

✔️ Tiny Suctions For Easy Sticking On Bathroom Floor Or Bathtub 

✔️ Flaps On The Sides For Better Control 

✔️ Soft Bristles On The Inner Section & Stiff Bristles On The Outer Section

✔️ Dimensions: 9.2 x 13.8 x 2.5 inches

✔️ Keep Your Feet Soft, Smooth & Clean

✔️ Relieve Your Feet Of Dead Skins, Callouses & Dirt

✔️ Loop For Easy Hanging & Better Drying Capabilities 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jackie F.

The wings on the side mean that you can use the foot you aren't washing to hold it in place if it doesn't stick to your shower floor (instead of chasing it around like you'd end up doing with ones without the little wings) but it actually does a great job of adhering to my textured shower floors!

Margaret M.

Got this for my husband for easier feet cleaning. We needed a product with strong durable bristles that actually took off dirt not just massage the foot. This is it! Works great and he loves it.

Musette B.

Works like a charm. I have an arthritic hip and not able to bend down to scrub my feet anymore. it really pisses me off not being able to do things for my self. this is not flimsy at all. the rubber is thick and pliable. the bristles are sturdy but not hard and won't wear down over time. the side flaps are sturdy and wide enough to keep the middle brush area from moving. I feel like I am really cleaning my feet. I won't get foot and toenail fungus.

Raquel R.

I love using this thing in the shower everyday. Even my husband is using it now and he doesn't go for foot products. It feels so good like a great massage, and it gets between your toes. Since it feels so good I pretty much use it everyday which is the key to a product working properly, and my feet are definitely softer and less callous/dryness. The bristles are very firm and thickly laid so its totally worth the price. I can't imagine wearing it out within at least a year, maybe two.

Jason H.

I like this product much more than I thought I would. I like to go barefoot, whenever possible. Summer, winter - doesn't matter. But it makes me prone to "dinosaur feet"- terribly calloused and cracked heels that look just awful. I have a file, but it wasn't doing the job on its own. With this scrubber, for the first time in years, my feet actually look pretty good..It took a couple days to get over the "ticklish" response, but once I did, it became very enjoyable. And I can go barefoot year-round!