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Do you often find the soap in public washrooms always runs out?

You can worry less now because Paper Soap is a portable soap sheet where you can bring it anywhere you go!

One soap sheet suds plenty once you add water on it! The soap sheet will also dissolve once you lather it all over your hands! 

It is light & portable, you can simply put it into your bag or purse & you'll always have soap ready whenever you need it!

It is great for traveling, camping, hiking, daily use or any outdoor activities! Your hands can now be washed & be clean wherever you are!

It's a great gift idea for someone who is hygiene conscious, has an active lifestyle or always on the go!

Clean Hands Everywhere You Go!

Order yours now with 30% OFF! (Only for the first 250 orders! The price will revert back to original after that)



✔️20pcs Soap Sheets Per Box

✔️Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable Soap Sheets

✔️Convenient & Portable

✔️Dissolves in Water

✔️Works With Hot Or Cold Water

✔️Great for Hiking, Traveling, Outdoor Activities Or Daily Use



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Customer Reviews

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Never know when a public restroom won’t have soap

I used to buy these a decade ago at gas stations to keep in my purse. No where sells them now due to hand sanitizer I’m pretty sure. Sometimes hand sanitizer doesn’t cut it though. Like after using a public restroom and the dispensers are out of soap or a road trip where your kid pukes in the backseat and you have to clean it up. Hand sanitizer ain’t cutting it lol. These have no smell other than like a basic Castille soap smell kind of. One sheet produces a ton of suds with very little water. Like VERY LITTLE WATER. which is nice in case all you have is a bottle of water in the car or whatever. My hands rinse clean and feel really soft. This pack has a ton of sheets. I give packs to random family members to keep in their purses too because I can’t use them all in a timely fashion.


Love these!!! Sturdy package and they close without a problem. Only thing I was meh on is the smell... It's very much a classic soap bar smell. Not bad in any way, but I prefer more perfumey or floral scents.

Perfect size, handy

Perfect size, handy, convenient for traveling, camping, and in my purse for those times when you really need some soap.
Suds up well.

Love these. So convenient!

This is a great deal. I'm not sure why all of these people are so surprised that the soap isn't the most luxurious quality. They work as well as any other paper soap I've tried. I use 1/2 of a sheet at a time.


Perfect for your purse. Easy to carry. Never need to worry about a washroom without soap again. Purchased for my children so that they always have soap while at school. These are a lifesaver especially during cold and flu season. Make sure those using these dispensers know to pull out a sheet using dry hands.