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Most campers hate carrying metal stakes that require extra tools and lots of force to secure in the ground!

You can do better than making your bag heavy, full and pierced with them.

If you could easily screw a skate without tools, have it light, but strong that works on every ground, then you can have the perfect trip!

The unique Orange Anchor is not only 69g light, but is extremely easy to use! All you need is to place it on the ground, twist a couple times, the tube goes in the O to drill it further, and that's it! Fasten anything!

Isn't it annoying when these metallic pegs keep getting tugged out of the soil, especially in heavy winds?

You should not be compromising on your excursions or even risk hitting your toe on these camouflaged metal skates!

The lightweight Orange Anchors are not only extremely convenient, but have been tested under laboratory conditions for durability, and tested on multiple soils! You can even tether your dog with it!

Orange is the New Anchor.

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✔️For Tarps, (Umbrella) Canopies, Dog Leashes, Tents, Camping

✔️Works on Dry Soil, Wet Soil, Grass, Sand, Rocky Surface

✔️Easly Detectable Orange Color

✔️Anti-Tug & Wind Spiral-Hold Technology

✔️Engineered From Strong, Tough Thermoplastic Polymers

✔️Light-Weight (69g) Dimensions (30 cm × 7 cm × 2 cm)

✔️Non-Rusting, No Tripping, No Heavy Bag-Piercing Metals



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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

I have to say, I was skeptical at first. These look like they wouldn't handle much. I ordered some anyway due to the glowing reviews and I was not disappointed. I used these to secure the guy lines for the temporary installation of a 43 foot tall aluminum antenna (Field Day for you hams out there). The Orange Anchors were easy to get in the ground (once I found spots that didn't have rocks just below the surface) and once they were in, no amount of tugging by hand would budge them. There were some fairly strong winds during the time the antenna was up, and these held without issue. Another person in our group used a set for the same purpose and there were no problems there either. I'll definitely be keeping these.


Great for the beach!
They worked great in the sands of Panama City Beach. We used them every day. They even held tight during a brief thunderstorm that came in quick!

They're also light weight for travel via plane, unlike your regular metal ones.

Here's a picture of them being used to anchor a large beach tent:


I bought two of these to use while camping for securing dog tie-outs. I tried using the traditional metal screw in dog tie-out stakes before but they are impossible to get into the ground at our campsite. The Orange Anchors went into that hard, root-filled ground without a problem. I am someone with nerve damage in my hands and have restricted hand strength but was able to easily use the supplied handle to get the screws into the ground. Both screws performed well for the week at the campsite. For information sake I used a large locking carabiner on the main screw eye and clipped the tie-out cable to that- kept both my 45lb dogs secure without a problem. Another plus was with them being orange you can easily see them in the grass.

Perfect for sand and dirt!

First off, these are great! I got them for a beach trip because I didn't think the stakes that came with our canopy would hold well in sand. These things had no trouble grabbing in the beach sand and holding fast. The canopy would have torn before these came out of the ground. The built in handle to turn them is nice too for those last few turns to tighten them up. When we got back home I decided to just keep using them in our yard instead of the previous stakes. I was a little concerned that not being metal they would have a difficult time going through soil and I might end up snapping one. But they had no trouble at all working just as well in our clay heavy soil as sand.

I would definitely recommend these for anything you need to stake down and don't want to come loose.


Canopy secured!

I live in Florida and the soil is pretty sandy. I use these to secure my canopy when I BBQ. Plenty of prevailing winds and my canopy would turn into a kite without these anchors!

I decided to take these one step ahead and these became the first anchor to hold my large pop-up canopy securely camping at the Gorge Amphitheater. Lots of people asked what they were... Easy to reply: big Orange Anchors! 100% satisfied...