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Wouldn't it be perfect if your neighbor's light or the captain's decision to enlighten the flight doesn't disturb you?

You know closing your eyes doesn't work! When light hits your closed eye-lid, the melanopsin in you disturbs your natural circadian sleep-cycle.

The Ocular Comfort is the thickest, most comfortable eye-mask you will ever use! It's no ordinary eye-mask; it's your sleeping dream and your personal shut-down button.

By completely blocking off the light photons from reaching your eyes, you'll sleep through your flights like you do at home.

Upgrade your traveling gear today and sleep well on your flights!

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✔️Wonderful Silky Feel

✔️Great Coverage

✔️Velcro Technology (Fits-All Sizes)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
k. a. colley

I'm a problem sleeper. I use a mask because any light keeps me awake.

This mask has a long Velcro Tab for adjustments, I love that. Other masks that I've tried have short tabs and I can never get them to fit correctly. This one can be adjusted to fit many head sizes.

It fits nice and snug too, I don't have any light peaking around the nose area. That has been a problem with other masks, I call it the nose gap. No nose gap with this one. It fits me perfectly. The contour eye pockets provide enough space, my makeup doesn't get smeared.

I will definitely repurchase and recommend this product.

nursetype kali

OK.. this is one review that I just had to do, because these things are such a godsend (and yes, that is a true statement!) for me being a night shifter!

I'm the Charge RN on a busy Med/Surg, Oncology hospital unit, and I work 12 hour night shifts. I sleep during the day, (optimal sleep for me is like 9am - 3:30pm) and if I get woke up, it is very VERY hard for me to get back to sleep, especially when I see light in my bedroom. I use blinds and dark painted walls, but light still gets in and if light hits my retinas it is enough to get my mind going and flip the switch on in my head of things I need to start doing for the day, and here it is only 1pm, and I have to go to work at 6pm to 7:30am! Once my mind gets turned on to the business of the day, what the kids are doing, getting dinner ready etc... I can forget about sleep... and I need more sleep when I work consecutive days!

Now, I also do NOT take meds to make me sleep, I just don't want to get into that habit. So I use relaxation techniques and sleep masks, but they either stretch out, slip, have gaps, or too tight and hurt my eyes or head etc.. I could never find the right ones. When I got the email to try out these masks in exchange for an honest review, I kind of jumped on them because I am always looking for the better sleep mask.

WELL... first "day" I used them and WOW! So comfortable and fit perfect! Didn't even feel like I was wearing ANY mask at all, it was so comfy! The fit was perfect (adjustable) and no gaps and no light! I slept from 8:30 to 3:30, which is my most optimal sleep schedule when I'm working consecutive nights in a row! I'll also be taking these on trips for long plane rides too!

Now I have recommended them to my fellow night shift nurse and tech friends at the hospital and they are buying them too! I have one friend that got hers last week and she raves about them as well.

This is one happy night shift nurse! Happy sleeping!!!!


These sleepmasks are great! Really lightweight and comfortable. I got them as a surprise for my boyfriend who travels a lot and lost his old mask when his luggage went missing and he was THRILLED to get them. He kept saying "this is the best present I've ever received!" He was literally using his socks to cover his eyes before that.

Annette Rodriguez

I really like the way these sleep masks feel. They are soft, allow room for your eyelashes, and block out all light.

There are a couple of cons, but I still think they are worth the price.

First, they will leave black marks on your sheets if you leave them (wet and) laying there. The marks do come out in the wash and they have not left marks on my skin.

Second, the strap does stretch out after about 6 months a little bit.

Ed Alvut

I bought several different kinds of sleep masks and this one seals out light BEST!!! Love. It. Period.