Necklief Pillow

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Kate R
best ever

I've gone through no less than ten pillows trying to find the right one for the past decade. I wake up with a cramp or a kink and it just feels like it was always the wrong height. If I liked it for back sleep, I'd hate it for side sleep or visa versa.
I had a cervical pillow a couple of years ago and it was okay sometimes and not okay other times.
My chiropractor recommended a cervical pillow more like this type and I figured I'd give it a try. I've slept on nothing else since then! I even stick it in a vacuum bag and put it in my suitcase when I'm going somewhere. It's the best. It's the right height for me, works for back sleep, works for side sleep. I hardly ever wake up with a kink in my neck that I have to work out. I'm definitely satisfied with this pillow and highly recommend it if you're in the same place where you can't find the right pillow to work for you!

Jacey G
Worth the money!

My partner was having neck pain every morning when he woke up. We have many different types of pillows at our house (old ones, new ones, bamboo, memory foam, etc) and he would rotate pillows every night hoping he wouldn't wake up with neck pain but nothing seemed to help. I bought him the Necklief Pillow back in February and he hasn't had neck pain since. I don't get much neck pain and figured I could save the money and just keep using my plethora of other pillows but man does this pillow make a difference. He'd get up for work and id roll over onto his pillow and be back in full blown REM sleep almost immediately (im a light sleeper once im up im up). I held out for almost 2 months just sneaking naps on his pillow and I finally got my own. Its absolutely wonderful for all types of sleepers (I sleep on my side and stomach and he sleeps on his back). I recommended this to our friend who doesn't sleep well and he purchased it immediately and also loves it. Even if you dont have neck pain this pillow is worth every penny!

Linda M
Just placed my other for my 3rd pillow

I bought myself one, my daughter one and now I just sent one to my vacation home. This pillow has been the best thing I have bought in years. With my old pillow, I would wake up multiple times a night and have to turn my pillow over and re-plump. I would wake up in at a horrible angle. I have bought sooo many pillows looking for the holy grail of pillows. Never to find that unicorn until I stumbled upon this one.

I start the night as a side sleeper, end up on my back, at a crooked angle, and do this dance multiple times a night. With this pillow, I change without waking up and am shocked when I wake up and realize I did not wake up at all during the night.

My daughter has the same problem suffering a neck injury a few years back. I bought it for her and she was mad I bought her something else she would never use. (YES I am that mother) When I dared her to just try it she was ever so grateful.

So please give this a try but read the directions. If you sleep on it in the wrong direction you will not benefit from a great night's sleep.

Sandra P
My neck found rest!! ??

In August I was rear ended and my neck is now curved forward instead of its natural curve. It has hurt soo much sometimes I get headaches. I noticed my pillows were not making it any better or giving any kind of head/ neck support. Ive had many sleepless nights and its been stressful and painful. I literally just received this pillow and wow the tension in my neck is feeling relief as Im typing this review lol. I wish I would have bought it a week ago when I first came across it. I cant wait to knock out and get a good night rest fingered crossed for the first time in months. But already I feel relief I havent felt with my pillows. This is so exciting! Just buy it!

Jarod H
THE Pillow for Back & Side Sleepers!

I'm somebody who switches if they are sleeping on their back or side on a nightly basis. It all comes down to what feels best at the time. However sleeping on my back is always the worst because I've never had a pillow that really feels like my head is "resting" in the pillow instead of sitting on top of it.

What I love about this pillow is sleeping on your back gives you perfect support of your neck/back of head while giving your shoulders an area to go to so you can get deeper into the pillow. On nights you need to side sleep you flip the pillow 180 degrees and BOOM a very comfortable position for that.

I've been super impressed with this unique pillow and will probably need to buy a second one for my girlfriend because she's becoming a little jealous :)