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Jeff O
REALLY helped my sinuses! Excellent affordable solution!

I have been experiencing a lot more sinus issues lately and needed some relief. I didnt want to live on taking pills for sinus pressure and headaches. I saw a product advertised on facebook that washed out your sinuses and was interested in the concept. So I ordered this cordless Nasal Fresh and am SO glad I did!!!! After I charged it for abit & I added the water (I use distilled water to be sure its really clean) and a nasal wash solution packet (which is also included), I followed their simple directions on how to position the Nasal Fresh and pressed the button. They have 3 flow strengths, so you can choose based on your need and comfort level. I started with low and once I saw it was fine to use, I moved up to the higher strength. I used half on one nostril and the other half of the solution in my other nostril. It worked fantastic! Better than I even expected. It only took about a minute to rinse both sides. My sinuses felt open and clean! No more dripping nose, havent been sneezing and dont feel that sinus pressure headache coming on. This is exactly what I needed. I think this is an excellent product! For the outstanding job it does, what it includes with it, all for a very affordable priceit gets a 5-star review from me! Highly recommended!!!

Michael W
Awesome it!

Awesome! Best product out there. I am doctor (ear, nose and throat surgeon) & treat sinus infections ALL the time. I just bought one of the Nasal Fresh for my own sinus infection. Far superior far more efficient and at the end gets the job done. Pay attention to the directions on how much salt to add and you'll never have a problem. As I tell my patients we shower all the time: when last time you rinsed Irritants from inside your nose. If you have a Sinus infection or rinsing in general do not need to look further. Design efficient and ergonomics great. I can't say enough good things now that I'm on the receiving end. I have not been paid a penny by the company to say this & do so only in the interest of giving everybody good advice.

Donna M
Will Recommend

My ENT doctor recommended I get something that would clean out my sinus. It worked perfectly. It remove the the stuff that was blocking my sinus. To breathe again was awesome.

Gavin A
No more nasally nose

My son suffers from seasonal allergies and even with taking a prescription strength of allergy medication, he sounds nasally and congested all the time. He was constantly blowing his nose. We decided to give this a try. It is amazing. What a difference it made even after the first use. It takes some getting used to the pressure that it makes in your head, but start off on the lowest setting it even the intermittent sprayer nozzle as it's gentler. Even my younger son, who has sensory issues, decided to try it with the sprayer nozzle and it worked well for him. I highly recommend this if you have suffered with nasal issues for a long time.

Marlene C
I can smell colors ????

Don't debate, you NEED this.
I have used a squeeze bottle type nettipot for years and with my current cold it just wasn't cutting it. Even with the pressure of squeezing vs pouring it just wasn't enough force to actually get through my sinuses. I debated this one over the cheaper one nostril types but ultimately decided to get this one thinkinking it would be an investment I'd use many times if it worked well.
My sinuses were threatening to break my face in half, I needed relief and I needed it now.
I JUST used it and had to write a review immediately. 100% recommend!!!!!
Seriously, this thing is amazing. Easy to use, fantastic pressure, good water level to make sure it gets everything without the need to refill, compact design so you could even travel with it.
I can officially smell colors ?? this booger sucker cleared out my sinuses, relieved ALL of the painful pressure, gave me 1 nostrils to breathe with, and damn near instantly solved my sinus headache!!! And it's extremely fast!

Seriously, I went from feeling like death with this horrible cold to feeling a million times better! And since there's no music dripping down my throat even that feels better/less painful, no coughing since, and nausea from the dripping is gone!!!

Can we officially list this machine as the cure to the common cold? At least covered by insurance? ??