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The hairs in your nostrils act as a defense mechanism against foreign particles from entering your body. However, the visible ones sticking out are pretty much useless and act as a terrible eyesore to your overall image!

We don’t recommend just letting nature take its course, but tweezing them inflicts obliterating pain and damages your skin tissues; Battery-powered trimmers are eco-unfriendly, dies mid-trim, and snags your hair wildly like a darn horror movie... 

Start grooming yourself effortlessly and safely with the Nasal Clipper, an ergonometric design nasal hair trimmer that gives you full control of clipping your nose hair manually for a cleaner and tidier look at all times!

A survey conducted by Women's Health showed that more people prefer talking to someone with BAD BREATH rather than someone with STRAY NOSE HAIRS...

Weighing at only 4.5 ounces, bring the Nasal Clipper wherever you go and give yourself a quick groom in the washroom before date night, in your office before a meeting, in the outdoors, on the plane, and even at the church! 

Unlike waxing or shavers, the Nasal Clipper is meant for light trimming and not for complete removal of your nasal hair, which is strongly advised against by many health experts as it can lead to nasty infections and ingrown hairs!

All you need to do is insert the tip of the trimmer into your nostril, squeeze the handle gently with your thumb and forefinger, to rotate the sharp blades within to trim off the visible hairs accurately and smoothly without harming your skin.

You can use the mini brush that comes with it to remove the excess hairs between the blades, or simply rinse it under running water and dry it thoroughly after use, for a simple and hassle-free cleaning experience! 

The Nasal Clipper is sturdily built with stainless steel materials with anti-rust and corrosion capabilities, giving you maximum durability for a longer usage period. 

Effortless & Safe Nose Trimming Like Never Before!

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✔️Durable Stainless Steel Nose Hair Trimmer 

✔️Does Not Require Use Of Batteries 

✔️Safe & Easy To Use For Maximum User- Friendliness

✔️Ergonometric Design Inner Rotating Sharp Blades

✔️Keeps Your Tender Nostril Skin Safe From Harm

✔️Effortless Squeeze Handle For Accurate & Precise Trimming

✔️Easy Cleaning With Complimentary Mini Brush/ Rinse It Over Running Water

✔️Weight: 4.5 ounces

✔️Dimensions: 2 x 1.18 x 0.4 inches

✔️Comes In Sturdy Protective Case



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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Lola Becker
Compact, Precise, Battery-Free

These are well-designed and made precision tools.The previous trimmer I owned ate batteries and eventually stopped working effectively as the motor became too slow even with fresh batteries. Hand-powered is superior! I expect these tools to keep working for the rest of my life.

Laurel Wiza
Works well! No more changing batteries or fishing parts out of the drain.

This is a handsome little gadget and more important: it works well. Comes with a small brush for cleaning. I've had several battery operated trimmers in the past. They don't last and are cheaply built. This device is all stainless. I have no complaints.

Gerardo Streich
Eliminates ear hair without pain

This product works very well. I have tried several battery powered hair removal instruments and was never satisfied with the results. No matter how long I used the battery powered units it would still leave unsightly hair. After I got married my wife said she could get rid of the unwanted ear hairs by using hot wax than pulling the hairs out by the roots when she removed the cooled wax. It worked great the inside of my ears looked like those of a baby. Problem is it hurt like hell. I determined that I would rather put up with the ear hairs than endure my wife’s painful wax procedures. However then I saw this product and thought it was worth a try. When the product arrived I tried it and in less than five minutes I had eliminated most of the hairs. Granted my wives wax procedures worked better but at the cost of great pain. It does a good enough job that I am no longer self-conscious of sporting unsightly hair in the ears. I also like the idea of not having to deal with batteries.

Madisyn Wilderman
Excellent little device

I am one of those who has had multiple electric trimmers and been largely disappointed with them--they pull, they dull, the motors eventually wear out. But this little device is amazing--sharp, efficient, and with no motor to break. Highly recommended.

Daniel Fay
Finally noiseless ear trimming

Great for traveling since you do not need batteries and it is so small and portable. It does take much longer than an electric trimmer and you have to trim more often. I bought it because I have sensitive ears, and I couldn't stand the noise the electric trimmer did inside my ear. I love the fact that this is noiseless.