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We all love a constantly running, but cooled-down laptop, with smooth hardware and no bulky laptop-sized fan-stands to go with it. Isn't that perfect?

Unfortunately, most laptops suffer excessive heat-ups, wear and tear of hardware and annoying auto-shutdown. That just feels very frustrating!

How would you like a simple device to rid you and your laptop of all heat problems?

The must-have Mr. Breeze is more than the only, unbelievably small, laptop cooling-exhaust. It's that "much better" feeling for all laptop users, rapidly dropping your laptop temperature within minutes using high-powered smart vacuum technology.

Going beyond cooling, Mr. Breeze will provide you with ease of immediately closing your laptop and carrying it in away. Whenever you want, easily slide it out and take your laptop without the fear of heat frying your microchips trapped inside the bag!

Fan of putting laptops where they're supposed to be? Radiation heat from laptops is harmful to health when placed on your lap. You should not be taking such health-risks!

Still a fan of regular fans? Guess what, stand-fans push the hot air back into your laptop's vents, damaging it even worse than not using one. Mr. Breeze's powerful suction-fan will literally breathe new life into your machine by sucking the hell out!

Its auto-temperature detection matches perfectly with your cooling needs. Want full control over background noise? Change to manual mode, adjust the fan-speed on it and dial down any unwanted sound.

Stay Cool. Stay Safe. Stay Classy.

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✔️No More Burning Laptops

✔️Make Laptop Safe To Use On Your Lap

✔️Temperation Detection Generation 3 Microchip

✔️Fits All Laptop Vents (2.8"/3.1"/3.5" x 0.9")

✔️High-Speed Fan Control (Manual Mode)

✔️5V USB Operated

✔️Easy On, Easy Off, Easy Use

✔️Brings Down Heat By 20°C - 30°C (68°F - 104°F)


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Customer Reviews

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K Helm
Detailed Pros and Cons

~ Fan is strong and fairly quiet.
~ It is nice not having a bulky undercarriage but rather a side mount.
~ It pulls air out of computer rather than the undercarriage types that push air into them. ~ Pulling is superior.
~ Multiple fan speeds provide customized control of both speed and volume level.
~ It can be mounted with either suction cups or double-sided tape.

~ Mounting instructions need contact to the company (but their service is good).
~ I would like the option to use electric outlet to reduce heat generation by loading USB port with fan current.

~ Durability and reliability are not known because I just installed it.
~ Effectiveness of suction mount not known because I selected the other method.

BUY! Greatly engineered, can REMEDY a faulty built-in laptop fan! A 'Cool' Item!

Great item. Completely exceeded my expectations. Maybe one of my best purchases ever.

I had serious doubts this thing would connect properly although I never doubted the idea nor the output of the fan. After about 10 minutes of playing around I figured out how to connect it with the right shroud. Bottom line - take the time to connect this right and it works flawlessly, literally has breathed new life into my laptop which has a faulty stock fan. It literally 'blows' away any laptop cooling tray you could use.

Highly recommend using a mounting tape attached to the bottom of your laptop. This way, the fan apparatus slides right in and the shroud comes up to the laptop making a seal. Think of some space movie you've seen where they have to dock a shuttle with an larger mothership, and an airlock with seal comes and attaches to the craft. That is exactly what happens here for a nice airtight seal. The springy silicone shroud accomplishes this.

Here's the 'cool' part - when you need to take the unit off to stow your laptop in it's bag or head to the coffee shop or airport, the entire unit slides right off in 2 seconds leaving NOTHING on your laptop and does not protrude or stick out in anyway. Therefore you'll have no problem storing your laptop or popping it into your laptop bag or sleeve. This is one incredible design feature and at first deterred me from buying because I didn't see this explained too well. Rest assured, the whole unit is completely and easily removable in seconds, and only takes about a half a minute to reinstall.
Once its on and your laptop is running, it's up to you to pick the speed yourself.

There is one major point here to note - if you are using this on a laptop with a broken stock fan, yes it will actually replace the need for a new onboard fan in most cases (especially if you get 2). You could never do this on a PC which can burn out a processor if overheating, but on most laptops the stock fan is routed in a series of venting pathways that simply vent to the outside where this unit attaches. By attaching this unit and having it on, it basically keeps great airflow going and I have never needed to replace my faulty fan and I use my laptop everyday (if there's ever a problem, the PC senses a possible overheat and hibernates or shuts down your PC well before damage occurs. I only know this because it happened a few times before I got Mr. Breeze working and setup. Now it never happens. Anyway the reason I am taking the time to go into detail here is, if you have a laptop with a faulty fan and are buying this unit for this purpose, you HAVE TO do so by kicking the speed up to the highest. Even with a faulty fan not running at all inside my computer, I can run my laptop normally with this amazing unit. If you have a bad fan and the repair shop tells you its going to cost as much as a new laptop to fix it due to it's location, then Mr. Breeze is your best friend, and mine. This thing works WAY better than a cumbersome cooling tray. Also make sure you aren't blocking the bottom intake vents, and your laptop is sitting high enough off the table. I installed some extra rubber feet on mine to give it another 1/4 of lift so more air can get underneath to the air intake. Sometimes keeping the laptop on your pantlegs or a couch can totally block the bottom intake ports and no fan will keep your laptop cool if you make this mistake. If there's any small negative, it's that if you transport your laptop in and out of a case often, you'll need to remove and reattach the main cooler to the laptop each time. This is generally a quick process. A small price to pay for an excellent item. I like it so much I've gotten a spare.
Totally amazing product and I have no relationship to the company. I just love great engineering and great products and this is one of those.

Succeeds where most laptop cooling systems fail

I have an HP Omen 15 that has a Intel Core i7 7700HQ and a Nvidia GTX 1050Ti. Most games I played didn't really have any heating issues. Once I play BF1 however the CPU temp in particular was getting up to 93c (the GPU temps stayed in the 70s though) and my laptop even shutdown once with a warning message saying it was due to an overheating problem. This is worrisome to me because I know that overtime high heat will reduce the lifespan of the CPU. I did some researching into the problem. I tried to undervolt the CPU with different settings using the Intel XTU software but it wasn't very stable regardless of what voltage I applied. Secondly it didn't resolve the high temp problems either. The temps still stayed the same. I tried reapplying thermal paste to the CPU a few times after cleaning it. I even tried 2 different brands of paste but the temps still were high. I finally decided to try this laptop fan cooler so I bought 2 of them to attach to the rear vents on my laptop since my laptop doesn't have any side vents.
My idle temps are now much lower and I believe it lowered my gaming temps by an average of 5c. The temps are still in the mid 80s but they don't reach 90c + like before. The overheating issue is an inherent problem with these types of gaming laptops because they obviously don't have the internal space, cooling capabilities or improved airflow like a desktop tower PC has to keep it cool. The 2 stock internal fans inside my laptop are so small and you can tell they're barely moving any airflow through and over the heat sink pipes to cool them. Hence the need for an external laptop fan cooler by Urban & Hawk.
Overall I am satisfied with Mr. Breeze. I particularly like the option to control airflow. If you set it to full blast it's definitely louder but it can pump all that hot air out fairly fast and steady. The fans are still removable from the base in case you need to travel with your laptop. Also note that your laptop's USB port might not be able to power 2 of them at the same time so you many need a powered USB hub or connect them to USB wall charger like I did with mine.

G. Evans
They work!

I needed two of these because of the type of gaming laptop that I own. It houses a RTX 2070 and tends run hotter than I am comfortable with. However, it is designed to handle these temperatures and is a great laptop. With this being said, I purchased two and created a mounting board so that they would work in tandem with my cooling pad. They cool between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius as illustrated in the pictures. Also worth mentioning, these pictures were taking while in idle because I can't get this window to open while gaming. Though, I can tell a difference while gaming. I've had them for a little over a week, and so far I am happy.

Keeping cool while working...

I'm not a gamer, but I do use my laptop all day, every day with work. Usually the table under my air vents gets really hot from the computer's heat. This product pulls the hot air away from the computer. The adjustable fan lets you decide how high to run the fan. I've been playing around with the setting and I have it on about 1/4 power to keep my laptop cool as I work. There is a fan noise, but it's quieter than the other house noises around me.
Mr. Breeze will get a LOT of use. In fact, I'm probably going to purchase another for my son.