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Stacey M
Works great

I've tried this with my Chromebook, my MacBook Air, and my work PC. It just works. Nice aspect ratio and nice picture.

I've been using this as a secondary screen for my work PC so that I can have an efficient workstation wherever I happen to be. I love that I can just throw this in my backpack and then have two screens wherever I happen to need to set up for work. I'm really happy with this purchase.

I use this mainly for Word docs, email, web browsing and the like, so I cannot comment on this device for gaming and that sort of thing, but for my use, I love this little guy.

At my work desk, I am used to working with multiple 21.5" external monitors, so naturally, I was worried that this 15.6" would feel cramped. But, with its high-resolution and generous aspect ratio, I find myself not feeling cramped at all by this smaller size screen. It actually works quite nicely.

When setting up, just be aware that the USB-C port that is used for both video and power. The only thing to keep in mind is that when you use the two cable method (i.e. HDMI and the USB-C power-only port), after the monitor turns on, you may need to unplug the HDMI cable from the monitor and plug it in again so that your PC will recognize it.

Anyways, I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to have the ability to set up an efficient remote travel office with a secondary screen.

Immediate Productivity Increase

I've had this product for one month now. I've used it at home, in the office, and during work travel. My initial justification for purchasing this was because I'm a student as well and wanted to be able to have a second monitor for school when I travel. I figured that would be the majority of my usage and I was completely wrong.

As soon as I received it I noticed that it fit right inside my Logitech K780 multi-device keyboard. It immediately became an additional monitor for both work and school. For work, it is outstanding for keeping email or chats like MS Teams open on it.

I'm taking the family on a trip and just realized another purpose for it; a monitor for the Nintendo switch in which I play on playing with my son at least at the airport during our layover.

This is a great product and a very solid build. My friend has one that is really nice and actually has VESA mounts on the back and has a setup for portrait mode so if that is for you then this one is not the device. However, that other one must have been 3D printed or something because the structure did not seem like one that would last. This one definitely will. I debated giving this 4 or 5 stars for gaming given the ridiculous refresh rate and resolution that I know many expect with any monitor with a 5 star for gaming however I must say that given the price I had to give it 5 stars.

Bennett M
The upgrade you really need

Anyone who has worked with two or more monitors knows how limiting it feels to go back to just one. This is a perfect side-display to add to your laptop bag. Having a second display is a prove way to boost your productivity and makes a lot of jobs easier. I keep finding more and more use cases for this thing.

1. Productivity booster
2. Use it for presentations or to collaborate with others without crowding around one laptops screen.
3. Great for Zoom meetings, where you want to share your screen but also see the other people on the call.
4. Great for media editing, where you need multiple views or tools open (the colors probably aren't 100% aRGB, but no worse than my laptop's built-in display, and no worse than what most people will see if you're producing content for the web)
5. Allows you to present to one screen and have speaker notes on another when giving presentations on Zoom.
6. Also great for watching a presentation on one screen and taking notes or doing research on another.

There are just so many times when a second display is a game changer, and this one is more flexible than most. With USB-C connectivity, it couldn't be simpler. It's just one plug for power and data. Conveniently, it also supports USB-C PD passthrough and has an HDMI input so you can also use it as a portable display for a Raspberry Pi or a gaming console (like the Nintendo Switch).

Ian L
No longer missing a second monitor while away on business travel!

From content development to online meetings (especially those in which I need to present) and so much more, a second monitor is of tremendous value to me. Only recently, however, did I have this capability while away on business travel. Because my Monitor Lite came with all the required cables, it was put to good use immediately. My only regret is that I didn't find out about this product sooner. (P.S. Although I didn't test it for gaming, NFL football and Netflix look great on this monitor ;-)

Gary S
Great portable screen.

Just by way of background, I'm a remote worker, so this monitor is used primarily for work and not for gaming. My hesitation in purchasing this product was the fact that it wasn't a familiar brand. But what persuaded me to order the monitor were the rave reviews and comments that were posted. Many customers were pleased with the performance and the pic quality, so I decided to purchase it. Great monitor indeed!