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Feeling proud and worthy is what you deserve for taking the ultimate portrait photos and shooting cinema-level videos.

Disappointingly, phones' native cameras can't achieve true Depth-Of-Field and that can never be satisfying...

Phone lenses use fixed focal-lengths & apertures, don't capture enough light, color & dynamic range, or bokeh, in contrast to DSLRs. Think about it; phones are small and their lenses even smaller.

What if you could snap DSLR photos with your phone, without having to carry a separate bulky camera? That would truly improve your shots, friendships and memory qualities!

The one-of-a-kind Mobile DSLR will satisfy your inner hunger for taking the best photos. With a universal Sony E Mount adapter, snap any lens on it, put your phone in a 17mm rig, attach the 2 together, and voila!

Get focal lengths like 135mm, control aperture, sharp focus and take shallow DOF stills and videos. Blur anything unnecessary and take shots that communicate stories.

What about those clip-on lenses? Fish-eye angles or telescope zooming aren't DOF alternatives and your phone only uses software learning to create a fake and laughable blur.

With flexibility to choose any lens, take the photos in your mind on your phone screen in the simplest way possible and enjoy the perfect combination of ease and portability.

Enrich Your Moments. Capture the Truth. Transform.

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✔️Real-Time Focusing & Blurring (No Amateur Portraits)

✔️Smallest & Lightest Possible Adapter for Portability

✔️17mm Phone Lens Docking Rig Included

✔️Native Sony E Mount (Any Brand) for Full-Frame Lenses

✔️Works With Other Mounts/Vintage Glass. Use a Simple Adapter

✔️Best For Manual, Wide & Fast Aperture (f/0.9 - f/4) Lenses

✔️Full Depth-of-Field Control (Any lens: 12mm to 200mm)

✔️Images & Videos Captured On Canon Focusing Screen

✔️Works With Any Smart Phone Cage With 17mm Mount

✔️With a Standard (1/4 Screw) Tripod Interface


Can I use my 37mm phone cage to mount it on my phone?
Yes. You'll need a thin $5-$7 17mm to 37mm step-up layer.

Will any extra adapters affect my image quality?
Absolutely not. These are simple mechanical adapters that function like screws.

Can I use an auto-focus, electronic aperture, telephoto or wide-angle lens?
You can only use a focus/full-frame lens and must shift to manual focus and fix the aperture (to wide) before mounting on your phone.

Why are my images softer and upside down?
Your phone camera captures the focusing-screen of the Mobile DSLR, so film-style grains, softness and rotation is perfectly fine. Tip: that's a simple editing-trick.


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Customer Reviews

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Inexpensive and quality made.
Worked well and no dark corners
Works great for my Canon and SLR Lenses
Holy Depth Of Field