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Feeling proud and worthy is what you deserve for taking the ultimate portrait photos and shooting cinema-level videos, or capture an unexpected beautiful moment with your loved ones!

But how can you carry your DSLR to everywhere you go, all the time? What if you are going for hiking and want to take top-of-the-world shots there? Would you risk taking your DSLR there?

What if you could snap DSLR photos with your phone, without having to carry a separate bulky camera? That would truly improve your shot qualities, friendships and memories!

The one-of-a-kind Mobile DSLR will satisfy your inner hunger for quality in the videos you shoot, giving them a cinematic look!

With a universal Sony E Mount adapter, snap any full-frame lens on it, put your phone in a 17mm rig or our sleek case, attach the 2 together, and voila: your phone's now a DSLR!

Disappointingly, phones can't achieve true Depth-Of-Field. The outer lenses are simply not built to have professional functionality, and the portability gets wasted!

What if you don't want to take an expensive, big camera everywhere? You deserve the complete photography experience on your phone!

With Mobile DSLR, get focal lengths like 85mm, control aperture, focus and take shallow DOF stills and videos from your phone! Blur anything unnecessary and take shots that communicate stories.

With flexibility to choose any lens, take the photos in your mind on your phone screen in the simplest way possible and enjoy the perfect combination of ease and portability.

Attach SLR or DSLR lenses that are used to record movies, shoot professional iPhone advertisements and by all the models, and have it anywhere you want, with no risk to an expensive DSLR!

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro Max + Mobile DSLR + M42 Helios Lens

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro + Mobile DSLR + Canon f/1.2 50mm Lens

Do a bit of modeling, share attractive & impressive portraits immediately on social media, and unlock possibilities to shoot beyond imagination. Now with a 1/4" screw for fixing it on to your tripod!

For professional photographers and videographers, you can even have better post-shoot processing and much more control over editing before posting anything.

Just imagine the kind of ads, the kind of music videos and the kind of projects you can create with this in your pockets, at any difficult place!

Enrich Your Moments. Capture the Truth E.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

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How To Use My Mobile DSLR


✔️Real-Time Focusing & Blurring (No Amateur Portraits)

✔️Proper Camera Lens on Your Phone

✔️Smallest & Lightest Possible Adapter for Portability

✔️17mm Phone Lens Docking Rig Included

✔️Native Sony E Mount (Any Brand) for Full-Frame Lenses

✔️Works With Other Mounts/Vintage Glass With Simple Adapters

✔️Only Manual Lenses, Wide & Fast Aperture (f/0.9 - f/2.8) Lenses

✔️Full Depth-of-Field Control (Any lens: 28mm to 135mm recommended)

✔️Images & Videos Captured On Canon Focusing Screen

✔️Works With Any Smart Phone Cage With 17mm Mount

✔️With a Standard (1/4 Screw) Tripod Interface


Can I use my $10 vintage/SLR lens to get the desired results?
Yes. Vintage lenses use an M42 mounting, so you'll need a thin M42-NEX ($7-$9) adapter for those.

Can I use my 37mm phone cage to mount it on my phone?
Yes. You'll need a thin ($5-$7) 17mm to 37mm step-up layer.

Will any extra adapters affect my image quality?
Absolutely not. These are simple mechanical adapters that function like screws.

Can I use a zoom, fish-eye or telephoto lens?
You can only use a full-frame (a focus) lens for best results.

Can I use an auto-focus or electronic aperture lens?
You must shift to manual focus and fix the aperture (to wide) before mounting on your phone.

Why are my images softer?
Your phone camera captures what's captured on the focusing-screen of the Mobile DSLR, so film-style grains or softness is perfectly fine. Tip: that's a simple editing-trick.

Why are my images and videos laterally inverted and upside down?
It's like your eyes! You can use any simple app for pre-capture recording or your phone's rotate option to rotate post-captured images.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Duane N.
Inexpensive and quality made.

This dog is much improved over my original beastgrip dof. It lets in more light. I estimate about 25% more light. Did I forget to mention that this is about 20% cheaper and 100% as good?? Love it!
You need to remember that there is a learning curve to use any dof. It takes time so don't get frustrated.

Joe Cline Jr.
Worked well and no dark corners

I love this product so far! At first I was skeptic because it didn’t work well with a universal rig I had, but when I bought the cage it worked really well! Definitely recommend it! Just remember to also order lens adapters if needed! No need for expense ones because there’s no auto focus.
I have a Canon lens, so I bought a Canon ring adapter for $10 and it worked like a charm! Enjoy the llama!

Philippe Reichen
Works great for my Canon and SLR Lenses

The only thing that I was worried about was the shaking, which required a tripod for me to solve, due to the size of my complicated Canon lens system, but worked fine for my smaller lenses.
Take a few shots and see what works for you.
There is no SLR effect that is better than the mobile DSLR shot, so this Mobile phone DSLR can also replace my SLR. Solved my problem!

Holy Depth Of Field

5.0 out of 5 stars This is the future on phone videography.
I seriously recorded a short video ad commercial for a friend of mine and she was so happy that she even paid me! ;)
You can equip it with the highest grade stuff and it's quite... well, mobile...


Great quality. I was expecting the lens to come with it. But I didn’t read carefully.
Anyway, I just bought a simple lens!