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No one wants to put a cheap looking bell on a $2,000 carbon fiber road bike.” It's true, isn't it? 

Most bells look, well frankly, unappealing. They've always been the sort of thing that should belong on a beach cruise and nothing else. Definitely not on your sleek road bike or mountain bike!

Bike bells generally look & sound a bit ugly, but why? What if yours looked sexy & sounded like an angel playing the glockenspiel?

Fast bikes need loud bells, but not all bells are created equal. 

With its drool-worthy design, superb quality build and spectacular acoustics, the MinimalX Bell is your ultimate bike bell. It’s one with both; a beautiful tone and a remarkable style.

Engineered for quality sound, you can control its dynamic range to choose between a polite courtesy ring to a 90dB-headphones-penetrating ding!

MinimalX Bell will ring 3x longer than others!

This bell will be exceedingly effective when you’re in a busy, urban environment AND will look sexy on your bike!


  • Premium Material
  • Distinctive Tone
  • Adaptable Mounting System (22.2mm - 31.8mm)
  • 30mm x 20.5mm in Dimension
  • 45g in Weight 



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Customer Reviews

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My Pinarello bike has pretty wide handle bars, and was having such a hard time finding bells that would fit.
This was sooooooo easy to assemble and sounds loud and clear. I love it!!!
UPDATE: I crashed, hard, bent my handle bars with my chin; broke light, but this little bell... bent just a tiny but, but still works GREAT!! It's about the only thing that survived without a bruise. LOL! I will most definitely buy this for my son as well as myself, if I ever break it.


Took a chance on one of these since I needed something loud, small, inconspicuous, and affordable for my commuter, an older Leader LD-722-RS frameset with Shimano 105 components. Joggers, dog walkers, etc. on the sections of bike path I take to and from work are a menace, so I wanted something with a little 'umpf!' The bell itself is well made with the 'shell' of the bell made of a very thick brass. The result is a very loud, reverberating tone when the striker is engaged!


Most road cyclists distant bells...added weight and seen as not matching a sleek bike (eye roll). This past May, our local police began citing cyclists not having bells (and reflectors and so forth), which the law prescribes here. The MinimalX Bell is a great accessory and goes well with the paint scheme of my bike! It was simple to install and fits the handlebar well!


I ordered this bell for my Cannondale Synapse road bike, as I found myself occasionally cycling on a section of paved bike path which is frequented by pedestrians with strollers and little kids on bikes. I learned that pedestrians weren't hearing my call, "On your left!", so I decided to try a bell instead. I like the design of this product in that it is sleek and unassuming. It doesn't take up a ton of room on the handlebars!


This is perfect for my needs! I ride on sidewalks and paved trails mostly, and this is exactly what I was looking for. First of all, it is very small (the dome is about 1" diameter and about 1" tall) so it doesn't get in the way of a few other things that I have on my handle bars.

Second of all, it is loud enough to be heard without startling people. A couple of dings as I approach is all it takes to get people to look around and see me. It even works with people wearing headphones!