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Minimal BykStand

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Isn't it annoying when you want to park your bike inside, but there's no way to do it?

The Minimal BykStand lets you park your bike standing in the subtlest way possible!

Just attach it to the wall, and it will grab your tires when your bike is too tired. It will look like your bike is standing on its own!

You can rest assured with Minimal BykStand.

Order your own one now!


✔️Smallest Bike Rack

✔️Premium Smooth Finishing

✔️East to Mount

✔️Easily Pop in Your Bike


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

My roommate and I needed a way to efficiently store our multiple bikes without taking up a lot of space in our apartment or putting anchor holes in the wall. I got 3 of these Minimalist BykStands and installed each to a section of painted baseboard trim. I then used CommandStrips to adhere the trim to the wall (very solid hold against sheering forces). When its time to move, the CommandStrips will pull free without damaging the paint and I can take my snazzy little racks to their new home.

With a small guard at the back-tire position to avoid marring the base of the wall, the bikes hang perfectly, neatly, and I didn't have to endanger my damage deposit.

The Minimalist BykStands also work as advertised. I've had one bike fall over the last 6 months because I had a leak in the front tire and it went flat. Keep your tires inflated (at least above 15 psi I reckon), and you'll be fine.


Purchased this as a minimalist solution to bike storage in a very small bedroom. Installation is wonderfully simple!


Some of my friends were confused how to install it, so I figured I'd type it here.
I used the included template to mark spots to drill to put small holes for the drywall anchors. Tap in the drywall anchors with a hammer. Then take a phillips head screwdriver to put the screws into those. It holds the bike as designed. The tires shown in pics are 25mm Continental Gatorskin tires but I feel that 23 or 28 would also fit fine in this size of Minimalist BykStand.

In short, buy this.


It seems to hold securely enough, but my only critique/concern during installation is that the drywall anchors felt like they were going to bend when tapping them in, I wish they were a bit more substantial/sturdy so that the apparatus felt more secure in drywall. I would recommend you put this into a stud where possible thus bypassing the need for the plastic anchors entirely, but that wasn't an option for me. If it rips/falls out in the future, I will just have to grab a couple new drywall anchors and move it over an inch left or right in the same wall.

Would I buy this again? For sure!