Mini Bonfire

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You deserve to have good lighting whenever you are in the dark for your own safety, comfort, and fun.

Isn't it a worry or a pain to navigate in the dark where you might trip or fumble at any time?

This retractable Mini Bonfire is the crucial gear to light up your way. Pull up to turn on the white light; retract and pull it up again to achieve a flickering flame light! Two different lighting modes for you to choose from!

It can be used as a handheld torch and a camping lantern for your outdoor journey. The perfect multifunction 2-in-1 camping light for you. 

With a 360° of illumination, Mini Bonfire gives you the ideal lighting to light up your dark, shadowy nights during your outdoor recreational activities.

It comes with 5 to 6 hours of battery life that can be recharged using Solar energy and DC charging. Dual charging mode that creates a worry-free and enjoyable fun outdoor environment for you and your loved ones!

Perfect for an outdoor or indoor decorative light or emergency lighting!

Making Memories From One Campsite At A Time!

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✔️Retractable Design

✔️ Dual Lighting Mode: White Light & Warm Flame Effect Light

✔️Lightweight, Compact & Portable

✔️ Easy Recharge With Solar Energy & DC Charging

✔️ 2-in-1 Camping Light

✔️Safe Camping Trip

✔️Perfect For Camping, Backpacking & Emergency Lighting



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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

I ordered these lanterns in preparation for hurricane Matthew. Thankfully, they were not needed, but I will be glad to have them if I should ever need them for a power failure or for future camping trips. They came well packaged. The battery installation was easy and required no tools. The laterns are small and light and seem sturdy. They have two metal handles that fold down when not in use. The light is bright, white and clean and illuminates very well. The laterns are small, making them very convenient and comfortably portable. I would highly recommend these lanterns to anyone who enjoys camping or who needs to complete their hurricane/etc preparedness kits. I know many people who lost power with this latest storm for several days who were not prepared with even the most basic of items such as these laterns.

Patrick M.

Very nice lights and I like the multiple re-charging possibilities.

Aloha Friday

Insanely bright! Perfect for camping. Really small and light weight, I don't think there is one thing I would change about these. Picture is of one open and one closed next to a normal sized playing card

Evan France

I have been using these lanterns for the past couple of months from the coast of Santa Barbara to the desert in Johnson Valley and they have held up so well. I have always struggled to find good lanterns that light up my campsites well without being a huge pain. I used to use propane lanterns but it is so nice to use these because batteries can be used! Very happy with this product.


Great lanterns; lightweight, bright, perfect for backpacking or tent camping.