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Finding unexpected scratches and dents on your precious car has got to be one of the most annoying things ever, Your vehicle deserves to be free from dents but repairing it at the workshop is way too overpriced and a hectic!

Imagine having an effortless alternative for you to solve the dents and dings out of your vehicle without paying top dollar for it...

Give your car a fast repair with Magic Dent Removal at the comfort of your own garage!

It uses the Paint-less Dent repair method (PDR) that utilizes strong suction to create pressure for restoring your vehicle's body to factory-like condition; a less aggressive, more effective, and efficient technique!

It is  versatile kit that includes a variety of 17 different glue tabs for you to tackle any shapes and sizes of dents and dings. With this environmental-friendly paint-less dent repair kit, you don't have to deal with any chemical mess!

The upgraded high-carbon stainless steel dent lifter is designed to provide more freedom to adjust and easier operation with the glue tabs, saving you a fraction of time and effort.

With this powerful kit, you can now handle dent repair yourself professionally without damaging your vehicle's paint with just a few simple operations; instantly boost the appearance and the value of your car!

It is widely applicable too on various metal surfaces, from different types of vehicles to home appliances. Truly a comprehensive tool to be added to your collection!

A Must-Have Tool For Every Household!


How to Use:

1. Clean the dented area.

2. Preheat the hot glue gun for 5-10 minutes.

3. Choose the Glue Puller Tab based on the dent size, apply the heated glue on the puller tab. Apply the heated glue on the puller tab and immediately place it at the center of the dents, hold until it sticks.

4. Let the glue cool down for 8-10 minutes.

5. After it is cooled, use the golden dent lifter or bridge dent puller to align and press the puller to pull up the dent until it disappears.

6. Finish the process by using alcohol to clean the glue on both the repaired area and the puller tabs.

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✔️Paint-less Dent Repair Kit

✔️Suitable For Home-Use

✔️Protect Your Vehicle's Paintjob

✔️Quick and Easy Fixing Method

✔️17 Different Shapes & Sizes Of Glue Tabs

✔️Wide Application & Durability

✔️Safe & Environmentally Friendly

✔️Perfect For Fixing Dents On Any Types of Metal Surfaces



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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
It works! But read these tips

I got a small dent from someone opening their car door onto my car. It was pretty noticeable before, but not bad enough to shell out money for a professional repair. This kit did the trick!

See images above for before and after.

-The dent will NOT come out on the first try. Keep at it until you are satisfied. The above image is what it looked like after doing the process 10 times

-Don't do this when it's hot out! The glue won't dry as hard if this is the case. I had better luck in the cool evening.

-Not everything in this kit is necessary. And honestly, the only part that is really necessary is the orange puller tool which seems like excellent quality, along with the glue sticks. You can but the puller outside of this kit through another Amazon listing. Everything else is pretty low quality, including the hot glue gun. I'd recommend purchasing a better glue gun.

Finally, don't think that this will perfectly even things out, but rather as a way to make dents look less noticeable. It's a great bang for the buck, and I'm definitely glad I got it.

von kucci
Good product lots tools

It's been raining for a week I haven't have any time to work on my car yet. We had a horrible hail a month ago and I didn't park in the garage so my car was damaged a lot!!! I was thinking this repair kit might help because my insurance doesn't cover the damage. I will try this kit and see how it works when it stops raining.

Pleasantly Surprised

I had read the reviews before I ordered so my expectations were gauged appropriately. Packaging arrived double boxed, everything individually wrapped. The glue gun was not up to the task I had, it's very slow, it would work for a very small task such as hail damage. They gave a generous amount of glue sticks which was much appreciated. I recently bought a car with two large dents on either side of the front. I tested on the left side first and it cleared it up about 95% after about 15 times of slowly pulling until the glue gave. This process took about 2 hours and unfortunately the plastic puller, which did great, stripped it's threads and is no longer viable. I then moved onto the right side, I was so impressed with how the left side turned out, I decided I'd take pictures of this side (before / after) just to upload for this review. The metal puller can perform the same job as the plastic one, though the plastic does have a bit more depth and width. Using just the metal puller, after about an hour and 7 or 8 pulls, this is how it has come along. The dent pictured is much more difficult than the first, but I'm confident it will pull out better when I have the time next week to work on it better. I'm definitely very happy with my purchase and will continue to use it.

Retro Modern
Surprisingly great quality for the price.

See picture for a look at my first attempt at ding repair. I have a 25 year old BMW survivor with matching numbers and original everything. A true survivor of a car that’s been garage kept since new. My wife and I recently took her to Orlando on a family trip and sadly, the car received 3 door songs over the course of the weekend. Since the car has never had any paint work of any kind, I waste to stay away from that. The paintless dent repair companies I called wanted in excess of $300 to come out and pop the door dings out. Well, I’ve always wanted a PDR kit and figured I’d burly this one since there are so many good reviews. I must say, I’m thrilled with the results. Very easy to use and figure out. I got all the dings out by about 95% in a 30 minute process. You’d have to know where the dings were to find them at this point so I’m happy as can be. For the price, you can’t beat this tool. I don’t think there is anything better for my particular application at any price point.

Paintless Dent Repair Kit

I recently drove under a power line, just as a chunk of ice fell. It dented the hood of my car and the dealer quoted me $150 to repair it. It seemed like a good time to try a DIY repair and the Gliston kit seemed like it might be the answer. I used the small and larger round plug a handful of times and was able to almost completely eliminate the dent. This one repair saved me almost $100 and I have the tools to fix any future bumps and bruises.