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You deserve better than your bike being vulnerable to burglars with picking and cutting expertise!

According to the Project 529, over 2 MILLION bikes get stolen in the US per year (1 in 20).

These burglars need to be chased away! Especially when you're not there...

The Loud Lock is a motion-sensing padlock that activates as a 110 dB LOUD (live rock music concert is 108 - 114 dB) alarm, as soon as someone messes around with your bike!

Doesn't it trigger you to think someone can easily cut off your bike lock or simply drag or carry it off? You wouldn't even know if that happens, with all your safety precautions!

Don't think, "it won't happen to me!" You are smarter than that.

Protect your what you love with the strongest material. It not only keeps your bike safe, but Loud Lock lets you sleep better at night. What more? You can even get one for your haul truck, shed or home!

Act Smart. Live Safe.

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✔️Home Shed, Haul Trucks or Bicycles Safety All Times

✔️Smart Motion-Detector

✔️LOUD 110 dB Alarm System

✔️Low-Power Consumption

✔️Free Batteries Included

✔️Prevention's Better Than Later Investigation

✔️One-Size For All



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
B Rod

I have purchased this lock a while back hoping that it would be a good lock as well as a good loud alarm and it has not let me down. It is really loud, and I can hear it well from inside the house as I have it locking my shed. I recommend it 100%.

- Things I like:
The price
It provides multiple keys
It is loud
It is waterproof
It does not rust

-Things I don't like:
While it's raining water in the alarm sound grooves makes the sound not be as loud.

House Boy

I hooked it up to my car cover for protection at night.
Any pulling on the cover sets it off.

It is loud enough to scare all but the most brazen thieves.


I don’t have it very long but appears to be solid. Has a thick shank it’s very loud I read other reviews on similar looking locks where people said they did not last long I’m using it on an electric bike with an alarmed disc lock. It feels secure enough to have at least one eye off it.
No lock is perfect I think this one is on the the right track

The alarm is motion sensitive so wind or vibration can set it off.


Used it for the garage that my wife and I had that had already had a regular padlock picked it was definitely a deterrent for the idiots we live around


Be nice to be a little louder but can't complain for price I paid for it.....def worth the money. It probably can be broke with enough effort but main reason I bought it was the noise....I have another lock that I use with this one that secures my property.