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Lil' Builder Kit- The #1 Educational Playset For Kids!

  • 237 Pieces Toy Drill Set

  • Build Creative & Unique 2D & 3D Mosaic Puzzle Pieces 

  • Comes With Dual-Direction Toy Drill For Easy Drilling/ Extraction 

  • Base Grid Board Case For Easy Storage 

  • Comes With 43 Pattern Design Instruction Manual 

  • Product Dimension: 12.2"x 3"x 9.8" ; 2.13 lbs 

"Great STEM toy for kids! Our boys are a little young but I think it's a great toy to get them interested in building, while working on their fine motor skills & creativity!"

The Lil' Builder Kit is an "All-In-One" education mosaic puzzle set that develops your children's fine motor abilities and creativity greatly, by having an enriching experience building wonderful structures with a child-friendly toy drill

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Let Your Child's Creativity Run Wild With The Lil' Builder Kit!

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Drill & Screw Endless Fun Creations Safely!

Keep Your Child's Learning Fun & Interactive 

Are your little ones curious and interested in how power tools work even after your countless warnings on how they're not toys and are dangerous?! One can get seriously hurt if it is misused or mishandled!

Well, fret not! Check out the Lil' Builder Kit, it is an educational toy set consisting of a toy electric drill and a toy screwdriver for your kids to drill fun and colorful pieces onto a base grid to build wonderful 2D and 3D artworks! 

It is an amazing toy set that allows children to have a deeper understanding of how the hand tools function, and how to operate it properly while adding a hint of an artistic element to their wonderful "projects". 

Explore Your Creativity & Build Awesome Structures!

It is an amazing toy set that allows children to have a deeper understanding of how the hand tools function, and how to operate it properly while adding a hint of an artistic element to their wonderful "projects". 

The 237 pieces Lil' Builder Kit includes a dual-direction toy driller that allows you to drill in/ extract out the nuts & bolts conveniently with a double switch button, at a slow and steady rotation speed which is completely safe to kids! 

Play "Dress Up" Differently From The Rest!

The set includes a range of basic dressing activities such as a zipper, shoelaces, buttons, velcro tapes, drawstring, a variety of buckles, and straps that allow your toddlers to practice their fine motor abilities in dressing up self-reliantly without breaking a sweat.

It comes in a soft felt wool board, in which you can fold it up into a folder sized, easy carry, portable briefcase for your toddlers to carry with them wherever they go, play with it whenever, and practice at their own pace! 

Helps Nurture & Encourage Your Child's Interest

Other than that, it also includes a toy screwdriver, a toy wrench, a 43-pattern instruction manual, 2 interchangeable drill bits, plastic screws, nuts, bolts, and puzzle pieces stored in a sturdy storage case to make cleaning up much easier!

There is nothing greater than having an extra handyman/ handywoman just like daddy or mummy to help around the maintenance or repair work at home, and with the Lil' Builder Kit, you can nurture and encourage that interest in your children! 

Serves As A Great Gift Idea For Children!

It can also develop their hand-eye coordination, concentration, and motor skills in drilling the nuts and bolts onto the grid board; as well as inspiring their creativity to create unique artworks with puzzle pieces of different shapes and colors.

The Lil' Builder Kit is constructed with toxic and BPA-free ABS material, perfect for ages ranging between 3-9 with adult supervising, making it a wonderful gift for all children! 

Great Gift Idea For Parents Of Preschoolers!

The Smart Toddler has no sharp edges and is truly the perfect preschool toy set for infants and toddlers up to 6 years old, the ideal gift for baby showers, gender reveals parties, birthdays, and other festive celebrations too!

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What is the age recommendation for the Lil' Builder Kit?

The Lil' Builder Kit does not have any sharp edges, making it suitable for all children age 3 and above!

Are there any instructional or directional manuals included in the Lil' Builder Kit?

The Lil' Builder Kit comes with a manual booklet consisting of 43 exciting patterns your child can follow to build. Alternatively, they could also use them as references to be creative with their own personal builds! 

Does the Lil' Builder Kit come with a gridded base and a storage case? 

The Lil' Builder Kit comes in a sturdy storage case with the gridded base on top of it, allowing your child to complete their builds on it, and conveniently store it back into the storage case when they're done! 

Do you still ship during the COVID-19 regulations?

Yes! Our shipping services remain open despite the COVID-19 outbreak and regulations.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free! This offer is up for a limited time only!

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We have 2 different fulfilment centers in the United States and China. After your order is complete, it takes us 2-3 business days to process your order and get it ready for the shipping center. If there's a lack of inventory from your nearest location, we will ship your order from our main fulfillment center in China where we stock a large quantity of the products.

We use USPS, DHL, UPS or FedEx to ship our order based on your location and available inventory.

Our delivery will take 5-15 days; However please expect 2-4 weeks of delivery (Due to the COVID-19 situation) although we ship your order and provide the tracking number within 72 hours, it is the shipping carriers who will decide when to deliver your order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great toy to nurture creativity and practical skills

My child is really interested in using tools. This is a great toy to encourage his use and understanding of hand tools while adding a creative, artistic element. It is pretty easy to work with but it has a little room for improvement. The power driver does not apply enough torque to fasten things really well and the shapes are a little too thin in my opinion to make rigid creations. Overall my cold likes playing with it and I like the practical skills it nurtures.

Cassarah B
Great toy for your little tool lover

This is a gift for my son. I opened it and it is amazing. All parts work great together. I love that it comes in a carry on and the carry on it part of the toy. The drill takes AA batteries (not included). The small screw for the battery compartment is in the compartment so you can choose to use it or not. I put batteries in it and it works just like it should. This is the kit every little kid that is interested in mommy's or daddy's tools needs to learn the basics. This is definitely on my list of best toys I ever bought and definitely worth the price. It is perfect sized for your little boy or little girl and comes with so many pieces that it will entertain for hours.

Brian M
Fun building tool set

Super excited to get this toy for our little girl. We are trying to encourage building and manual dexterity and came upon this after she showed some interest in our tool box. The colors are bright and it’s nice that the carrier box becomes the building service. The screws are small so I would be careful if there is another little one around. Really happy with this purchase. The one small ironic thing it’s this set is that the little drill tool is missing a screw for the battery compartment. Not a big issue because the battery cover piece doesn’t fall off but still funny that the screw set is missing a screw.

Emily Cole
Portable and flexible to build creative or instructional ideas with safe tools

I love that the pegboard is part of the storage case so it's very portable and keeps the pieces in one simple place. The manual has 43 patterns which is great for kids who like to follow instructions, but also flexible and great to be creative and building anything. 4 vibrant colors to build either 2D or 3D creations and shapes with drill, screwdriver, and wrench

My son loves it!

Well, I purchased this item as a gift for my nephew, but my son managed to get his little hands on it first so I had to give it up. I'm glad I did because my son loves it! It comes with a bunch of different tools so if like to you do DIY around the house, your kid can 'participate' with their own tools. Make sure to have two batteries on hand so you can use it right away.

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