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Do you have dim areas in your house that need to be brightened?

Light Your Space is a dual-mode LED light strip that you can use it wherever you need extra lights!

It can be operated using the manual operation (On/Off) or automatic operation (motion sensor). 

It uses 3M adhesive & you're able to cut it to the length you desire, giving you the flexibility to apply it anywhere & however you want it!

This power-saving LED light consumes up to 2.4w to produce the same amount of light as up to 10w incandescent bulb, whereby it only lights up when it picks up movement & shutting off once there's no movement!

It has ideal lighting & perfect for your wardrobe, bed, stairs, cabinets, garage, ceiling, hallways & anywhere you need that light!

You can now light your every step without any hassle!

Light Your Way Wherever You Go!

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✔️Dual-Mode Operation: Manual & Automatic

✔️Motion Sensor

✔️Flexible Application


✔️Easy Installation

✔️Perfect Lighting For Any Areas


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Customer Reviews

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Works wonderfully, be careful how you peel off the backing of the tape.

I decided to buy this based on the reviews here. And it is perfect for my needs (a light for a keyboard tray) ... with one note of warning (read on).

When it arrived, I read the instructions (which are poorly written (they refer to 'magnetic tape', when it should be double-sided sticky tape, for example) but were sufficient, I thought, to allow me to set it up the way that I wanted).

When I pulled off the backing of the tape, the strip wasn't adhesive in any way. It was just the plastic back of the led strip. I came back to these forums and found a lot of people complaining that it didn't stick. So, I figured that I was in the same boat.

This is where the warning comes in. I went online and looked at some youtube videos of 3M 300LSE tape (that was written on the back of the tape). It turned out that I had pulled off the entire double-sided tape, not just the backing. The warning that I have for people buying this is: It is almost impossible to tell if you have pulled off the entire tape, or just the backing (because the adhesive part is see-through and very, very thin).

Fortunately, I stuck the tape back on and was able to get the backing off and now it works like a charm.

So amazing!

Absolutely 100% what i was looking for and needed! The first photo shows my dark, dungeon closet with only the room light on. I used to use a flashlight to find clothes. Not fun. The 2nd photo shows the amazing impact once i turned the lights on, and the final photo shows the lights on in a completely dark room. I took these photos around midnight, so the room was pitch black without the lights. I made sure no photos had flash on. I was worried about the battery pack holding up on the wall, but it's stayed so far-it's only been about 12 hours though. These are absolutely worth it!!!!

Great product!

These are really effective, and the price is great too. I had an unlit coat closet and needed an easy-to-install solution. This motion-activated LED strip couldn't have been better or more effective for the task! I installed it around the top of the door jam facing in, and put the motion sensor along the side so it triggers as soon as I reach into the closet. The color of the 3000 K light is warm, not harsh and the light is very bright. You can see my method of installation and get an idea of the brightness from the photos I've included


Ok, I seriously didn't expect much from the low price. When I opened the package and saw how small it was, then I REALLY thought it was going to be a joke. Well, the joke is on me. These lights are amazing! They emit a LOT of light - much stronger than you would expect from such a small unit. But that's the strength - it's small enough it doesn't overtake any of the space you're trying to light. For the price, I didn't bother complaining about the unit as the first one would not shut off. This is crazy, the seller is AMAZING. They paid attention to the review, and immediately without question sent an apology and replacement. They are SO nice and responsive. I would buy ANYTHING from a seller like this - they are very attentive and truly care about delivering a working, good product. I'm so beyond impressed. The old review: When it first arrived, I thought "OH NO" because it was so small, I thought I'd been had. But, I inserted the batteries and BOOM! This is amazing, I absolutely love this surprising little powerhouse. It emits the perfect light, and a lot of it. I knocked off a star because it won't shut off - the units on/off switch, whether on manual or auto, will not turn off without removing the batteries.

Great product - just be careful with taking the backing off

I was initially looking for those dome press on lights to add some lighting in my closet, and came upon these in my Amazon search instead and I am so glad I found them. What a fantastic item! You can switch between manual (push the button to turn on/off) and auto (goes on/ off based on motion). They take 4 AAA batteries and the compartment sticks to the wall, then has velcro attached for easy on & off when batteries need to be changed. The lights are super bright. My closet space is roughly 8' W x 7' H x 2' D. I bought the 2 pack of lights, but 1 alone would have been enough to light up the space. It took less than 2 minutes to stick both rolls.

ONE THING TO NOTE - Having read previous reviews, I was aware that the backing sticky tape had come off for a few people, so I knew going in to be gentle when taking the paper off. The end of the tape was lifted a tiny bit and I could see how it would be easy to remove the sticky side altogether. Just be gentle when starting it and there will be no problems. I would definitely recommend this over any other lighting option for closets - and I searched through a LOT before making a purchase.