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Healthy life with regular gym or Pilates classes is how things should be! You deserve to feel energized and fit.

Now, gyms and fitness classes are closed and outdoors is too dangerous. It all feels so scary and crazy!

Leaving exercise causes muscle and bone loss within a few weeks (Berg et. al, 2007), which is the worst thing for a fit or unfit person!

If only there was a machine keeping your body fit during lock-down, so you can relax without worrying about your body!

With the soft-foam and sturdy-resistance Lazy Squeeze, do physical activity while being lazy. This high-quality fiber-glass tech will make you feel like a million bucks!

Being quarantined and movement restrictions are frustrating! Experts predict gyms to take months to open up!

No worries! Now you can sit at home, workout the well-tested Lazy Squeeze and break a sweat while stuffing on snacks and watching Netflix on your sofa or working from home!

It's also the perfect time for you to improve your flexibility with good stretches and burn the fats you're sitting-and-eating at home!

Sexy Legs Is The New Normal.

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✔️No Worrying About Sitting At Home

✔️Watch TV & Get Sexy Legs n Ass

✔️High-Resistace, Comfy Foam and Premium Fiber-Glass

✔️15" Diameter, Perfect For Any Height

✔️Improve Muscle Strength, Flexibility, Burn Fats & Tone Shape

✔️Recommended Exercises For Full Body Training

✔️Perfect For Home Workouts & Daily Activity

✔️Stay Healthy and Fresh


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Leon. P

I am an 88 year old male. I purchased the lazy squeeze because I was going through physical therapy and was using one at the therapy business. I had been in the hospital 3 ½ days and had lost most of the use of my legs and also lost my balance. I was using the pilate between my knees and pressing my legs together. At my home, I was using a pillow for the same exercise. The pillow did not allow me to use as much pressure as the pilate. The Lazy Squeeze Is well built and works great for how I use it. I am sure there are far more ways to use the Pilate than how I use it.


During this quarantine time, all I do is sit around and watch TV. I was getting sick and tired of that!

I decided to order this and I still just watch TV, but at least I'm making it productive.
I can't stop eating, though! Haha


Love it! I use this when I can’t take my Pilates class. Just like the one in my Pilates class

Since all gyms and Pilates classes are cancelled for an undetermined period of time, this is a must-have!


I am a Pilates instructor, and I have been trying to get a few 15" diameter rings for my average-to-taller clients (the diameter you use depends on your height and shoulder width, but larger ones can be used by everyone and just applied less pressure, even for shorter people). Corona shut down everything, so I'm trying to conduct smaller classes and don't have access to all ring sizes.
Standard Pilates rings have a diameter of 12", and other than STOTT PILATES, Peak Pilates, and other professional Pilates equipment manufacturers who charge $40-$70 for good rings, the availability of 15" rings is limited or sometimes nil. So, I have been pleased to find that this company has made runs of the larger diameter rings, and they are once again available. But caveat emptor! All Pilates rings are not created equal! This Lazy Squeeze Pilates Ring's foam pad is a little less in thickness of those on more expensive rings. Please remember though that I am being very picky. The product is quite amazing (preferably with some intelligent guidance) and looks like it will stand up to many repeated uses.

To address some of the other comments I noticed here, Pilates exercises are not about how much power you can exert on the ring. It is not like trying to bench press the most weight for a title or something. It is about the subtle use of the ring to engage the correct muscles while not engaging unnecessary muscles. Gentle pressure is applied to the ring; you're not trying to crush it!
As for exercises, email Urban & Hawk or look through their page/video. You could also look for a well-trained Pilates instructor in you area to work with, but that's all gone because of the virus!

Mary C Hogan

It is just what I expected! I emailed them for a workout guide and within an hour, had the guide by email. I am very impressed. Have just started working out again after 10 years, on a Pilates Reformer. The ring will be perfect for these days at home when I am working out alone.

I am so looking forward to using it.