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Wouldn’t it feel great with no pain in your neck, shoulder, or lower-back?

The cute Kluḡ helps you relax using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)! It’s carefully designed to relieve muscular tension.

Mimicking acupuncture and physiotherapy pressure-point techniques, it's the surest way of strengthening skeletal-muscle weakness and improving your body’s blood flow.

Just stick it on your body, press the button, and enjoy a range of different therapeutic sessions, with the only portable EMS!

Kluḡ clings to you everywhere. Kluḡ re-energizes your days.

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✔️Perfect For Lower-Back, Neck, and Shoulders

✔️NCBI Safety Approved

✔️Contracts and Relaxes Your Muscles

✔️Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy

✔️Smallest, Lightest, Rechargeable and Portable

✔️5 Levels of Pleasurable Electrical Intensities

Seek advice from a physician if you: are a pregnant woman, have severe heart problems/epilepsy, or electrical/metal implants.


What is EMS?

Medical term for treating muscular pain/injuries with electrical means.

Is it safe to use electrical treatment?

Widely used to treat elderly & athletes; it's a tested safe method.

Can the conductive adhesive be used more than once?

Yes. Simply wash with water after use.

How do I find the right setting?

Start low, gradually increase until it feels strong, but comfortable, and if uncomfortable, reduce it slightly.

When can I use it?

Throughout the day, except while driving, operating machinery, or bathing/shower.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

I've had a lot of tens machines, but its always been a hassle with wires all over the place and disconnecting and getting shocked. Wireless Klug is
the only way to go, and all controlled from a a few buttons as well.

Here's a secret, keep the pads in a plastic bag and stick to the plastic covers that come with it and the adhesion lasts a long time.
I've been using the same set of pads for 2 months.
Highly recommended!


I bought this for a trip in the past, because it is lighter and more convenient to carry when traveling. This is really a life-saving role when you are on vacation, and you can always take it out and put it in a tired place.
This operation is very convenient, and the massage mode is particularly large, and it is also in place... and can be used dozens of times.
Special value.


I never write reviews, ever.... But, I keep tweaking my rhomboids and a trip to the chiropractor always does the trick, but I thought for a little less money than 1 co-pay, I'll give it a shot. It was so worth it! Just be careful, for me, no more than the 3rd level is much more than enough. I couldn't imagine putting it up that high!


It works but I wish it could be updated to somehow connect to my app, so I don't have to reach behind my back.


This inexpensive little gewgaw dramatically improved my shoulder pain from the very first use. The effects lasted through the night, for the first full night's sleep in a while. Subsequent daytime treatments have given long-lasting relief.

Here's why I love the klug:
EMS (muscle stimulation) and TENS (nerve stimulation), with different intensities
Simple; not complicated for old eyes to see
2 separate channels for intensity control
High quality pads are effective, and still functioning fully after 6 uses in 3 days.
Comes in a handy storage box
Price is very reasonable ($39 or so)
It's portable!!