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Nothing is worse than applying streaky and uneven makeup on your face with dirty cosmetic brushes that are hoarding weeks (or months) worth of foundation and eyeshadow...

Don't mention the dead skin cells, dirt, oils, pollutions, and bacterias that run rampant in the moist and warm environment your brushes provide, acting as the perfect breeding ground of infectious agents to grow and multiply!

Quit reapplying dirt and filths on your face, and put an immediate end to the creepy infestations happening inside your makeup pouch with the Insta Brush Cleaner! 

It uses advanced centrifugal spin technology that spins your brush at high speed to rinse out all the filthy impurities and dirt hiding in between the hairs of the brush effortlessly and quickly. 

All you need to do is to fill up 1/3 of the bowl with water and detergent, insert your brush into the rubber holder and attach it to the spindle on the spinner. Submerge your brush into the bowl and press the power button to start the cleaning process!

Clear out the dirty water afterwards, and repeat the process again with clean water to rinse out the soapy residue. Lastly, remove your brush from the bowl and spin the brush to dry. 

Voila! a squeaky clean restoration of your favorite brush that looks, feels, and works brand new just within mere minutes, allowing you to apply makeup confidently again using your favorite brush to glow through the day!

The Insta Brush Cleaner comes with 8 flexible rubber holders that accommodate all your brushes of different sizes, allowing you to attach them to the spindle easily for quick and simple cleaning.

Clean Brushes Make A Difference Between A Flawless Face & A Clowny Mess!

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✔️Easy Cleaning Of Your Makeup Brushes 

✔️Equipped With 8 Rubber Holders For Brushes Of All Sizes

✔️Powered With 2 AAA Batteries 

✔️Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 5.5 x 3.9 inches 

✔️Weight: 11 ounces

✔️Sturdy & Durable

✔️Lightweight & Travel-Friendly 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Levada Brown
Well Worth It!

I had a stack of makeup brushes I hadn’t cleaned in a while because it takes FOREVER to wash them by hand. So, I ordered this hoping it would live up to the hype. It does! I was able to clean most of my brushes with the handle attachments and got them all done in about 40 minutes, whereas it has taken me over an hour in the past. Of course, the 40 minutes includes a learning curve, so it should take even less time next time. Doesn’t require a lot of water (unless you like cleaning up messes, it will spill out if too much is added) or detergent. It definitely dries brushes right away. Most of them dried on the first try. Only a few with more densely packed bristles need a second attempt. Brushes came out perfectly clean and ready for use.

Rosie Schmitt
Awesome brush cleaner

I totally love this. I was very anxious about investing in a brush cleaner because I don't know which one will work and if it's not good, then I have to continuously invest until I find one. It’s almost a gamble but this one is definitely a winner! It comes with a handle gadget that requires 2 AAA battery, course not included, and 8 rubber collar in a variety of sizes for all types of brush sizes and a bowl. So I've been not keeping up with my brush cleaning so when I first used this, my foundation brush took forever to clean. But typically if you clean your brushes weekly, then it shouldn't take more than 10 mins to clean them. Just make sure you push the brush all the way in so it has a good grip so it doesn't spin awkwardly. I haven't had trouble pulling them out of the rubber collar. Once you turn on the gadget, it spins pretty fast so just slowly bring down the tip of the brush into the water-filled bowl and it will start cleaning and you can see all the gunk in the bowl. To clean the bowl, just remove the black plastic rim and rinse. I didn't use instructions for this, it's super user-friendly and I'm impressed!

Janick Feil

Honestly one of the best products!
I love it!!! Easy and amazing
It does the job, and it doesn’t take to long
Recommend %1000000000

Ansley Schmeler
Get it if you have a lot of brushes

Didnt even need to read the directions to figure out how to use it, its pretty straight forward. It is smaller than i was expecting, but its for makeup brushes so i should have known it wasnt going to be very big. Do not spin the brush in the water. You dip the brush, lift from water, then spin it. Over half my brushes came out entirely dry after spinning, and it cleaned my brushes perfectly considering i use my brushes for body paint. If you're thinking about it, get it.

Mauricia Labadie
Works well!!

I always dread cleaning my make up brushes since it’s just too much work to scrub the bristles multiple times to get them clean. I am really glad I came across this product as it literally takes make up brush washing down to a couple seconds. It’s very easy to use and it spins rapidly where you only need a few seconds to clean your brushes. I like how it comes with multiple different sizes for your brushes, overall this is a really great product if you have a lot of brushes to wash!