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Wouldn't it be awesome to have a walking companion that supports you stably, while keeping your path illuminated brightly, on your daily night walks or toilet trips in the middle of the night?

You can now enjoy having a stable and pleasant walking experience with the Illumino Cane! An ergonometric folding design walking cane that is equipped with 6 built-in LED's, and a non-slip padded base.

The Illumino Cane is extremely lightweight and can be folded into 4 sections to be compactly stored into your bag or pouch, which allows you to unfold it within seconds into a sturdy and stable walking aid. 

It also has 5 adjustable height levels between 33" and 37", allowing you to adjust the Illumino Cane according to your height and comfort simply by pressing the push button to adjust its height in a 1-inch increment. 

The Illumino Cane comes with an assist bar slightly below the handle to provide extra leverage for you to support yourself getting up from your seat comfortably and effortlessly.

The LED is attached at the end of the handle, and it is freely adjustable for you to angle the light perfectly ahead to light up your path brightly, allowing you to have full visibility of your steps forward! 

The Illumino Cane is also equipped with a self-standing, pivoting base that has 4 non-slip pads, that allows you to trek on various trails and terrains, being the perfect companion on your walks and adventures. 

It is widely used by the elderly, patients in recovery or rehab, and more! Get a few more to put by your bedside and other parts of your house, one in your bag and also another in your glove compartment to bring it everywhere you go!

Walk With Improved Stability & Brighter Illumination! 


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✔️Lightweight & Portable Design Walking Cane

✔️Folds Down To Compact Size 

✔️Easy Set-Up 

✔️4 Padded Non-Slip Base 

✔️5 Adjustable Height Choices

✔️6 Adjustable Built-In Ultra Bright LED 

✔️Extreme Versatility on Various Trails & Terrains

✔️Super Compatible For Elderlies, Patients In Recovery & Rehab 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Lisa A.
The light makes this cane whole

We purchased this cane for our elderly grandpa. He already wants a second one. The light on this cane really is awesome. At first we were using this cane for him when we went somewhere in the car, since it folds right up. However, he likes the cane in the house because he keeps it by his chair and uses the light to see his tv remote. It also had the lower handle on it for getting out of a chair. Like I said, we are just going to order a second one so we have one for home and one for outside the house.

Kristin Cartwright

This is a very stable cane for it to be collapsible. My dad really loved the light attachment.

Eliza DuBuque
I feel so secure walking with this cane!

I have used a cane for years. This was bought to replace my worn-out folding cane, and I expected it to be, well, just a cane. It turned out to be so much better! The handle is easy to grip, the tip is stable, and the light - how have I managed without a light until now? - gave me a nice feeling of security walking to my car in a poorly paved parking lot. My children always ask me what I want for Christmas, and I'm going to tell them I want another one of these. Thank you, for a well-designed product.

Ashley Brotzge
This is way better than one I paid more than twice as much for.

This is sturdy, folds very easily, and the light is definitely handy with my sight being quite bad in general, much less in dim/dark lighting. I love that it can be easily stored away and that the bottom is flexible! I paid much more for one not nearly as good as this.

Kenya Hilll

My father was too proud to use a cane when his walking became more difficult. Knowing that he likes to fiddle with interesting gadgets, I decided to get him this in hopes of getting him to start using precautions when he’s walking alone. From day one he has enjoyed using the cane, and he’s upset if he misplaces it and can’t use it. The size and foldability make it convenient to carry when not in use, and because of its ability to be shaken to come together for use, it’s quite a conversation starter that my dad enjoys playing with. The LED light is a really nice feature for evening walking. The price is good, and I’d definitely buy this again. In fact, I’d buy two next time so there is always one available when one is misplaced.