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Did you know that your eyes are forced to work harder when you're working in a dark environment where lighting is inadequate? Causing eye strains and headaches easily which can totally ruin your mood. 

Check out the Illumino Board! It is a LED board that is widely used for illuminating your base sheets for sketching illustration works, with flicker-free and uniform lighting that is comfortable to your eyes. 

It is fully adjustable to your preference of brightness level too, just gently tap the power button to switch it on, and hold down onto the button to increase the brightness gradually to the point of your liking! 

Forget the bulky and eco-unfriendly dry cell batteries, the Illumino Board can be recharged easily through the USB rechargeable port on its side. Giving you quick and convenient charging for longer usage time.

It is also super slim and lightweight, allowing you to keep it in your backpacks or pouches effortlessly for working on-the-go! 

The Illumino Board is widely applicable to all your hobbies; perfect for designing industrial level illustrations, alterations for animation work, drawing comics, weeding vinyl, sorting photographic slides, and viewing x-ray images just to name a few.

It can greatly improve the quality of your work, and take your passion to greater heights! It is truly the ideal must-have for all professional or amateur animators, designers, art enthusiasts, watercolorists, and readers of all ages alike! 

Protect Your Vision & Illuminate Your Passion!

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✔️Bright & Comfortable LED Lighting 

✔️Fully Adjustable Brightness Level

✔️Quick, Easy, Eco-Friendly USB Rechargeable 

✔️Slim & Lightweight For Enhanced Portability (1.5lbs)

✔️Dimension: L14.2” x W10.6” x H0.2”

✔️Visual Work Area: 9” x 12”

✔️Color Temperature: White (9000-12000K)

✔️Working Voltage: DC 5V



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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amber L.

i made this purchase to trace my pattern to do my punch needle project. wow, it's bright and crisp!

John D.

I purchased this to use for sorting photographic negatives and slides, and it's going to work out just fine. I really like the adjustable brightness and light weight of the device., and the size is perfect for working on a desk or table. Even the lowest brightness level is enough for sorting negatives and slides. For tracing, it's great with nice even light. I'm sure I'll find other uses for this device in time. I'm happy with the purchase.

Niberka F.

The drawing paper I use is kind of thick and the dimming of it makes it very easy to use. No eye strain. I used it in a sketchbook. Since its so thin I can just pick it up and put it between the pages. I like how the tracing paper just sticked to the device so I didn't have to tape it down to keep it from moving. I don't know if it will work for all kinds of paper but it worked for that. I would definitely recommend it to a friend or give as a gift.

Elizabeth R.

I use mine for diamond painting and it helps me to see even the smallest numbers and letters. I must have at least 20+ reading glasses all over my house, but they are of no help when it comes to diamond painting. The board has made my painting so much easier and enjoyable, and it is much less stress on my eyes and neck. The board is a perfect size for my paintings, very thin and very lightweight to handle, and I especially like the decent size power cord that came with it.

Kara G.

Holy guacamole! I bought this for my mom and me. We quilt and frequently the patters for applique aren't reversed. We turned this on and Wow! This solves all our problems. I will no longer have to trace things up against my patio sliding door at an exact time of day for the right lighting. It is so bright it can bust right through that regular paper upside down. Take that tricky patterns! If you quilt, this is a must!