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Forget about your cold sandwiches! You deserve a warm and hearty meal.

A workplace without proper heating devices will be inconvenient for you to prepare hot and healthy lunches.

Imagine being able to warm and heat up food within minutes without a microwave...

Heat It Up is a portable electric lunch box for you to bring it to your workplace or school. You can warm your delicious meal conveniently and quickly with no hassle!

This innovative food solution uses an efficient PTC Heating Technology to avoid food from overheating, providing safe and constant steam that keeps your food fresh and warm.

It comes with two plugs that support both home and car use, ideal for your long drives, hiking, or nature exploration trips.

Heat It Up is suitable for students, office workers, or long hour drivers!

Fresh Hot Meal Anytime & Anywhere!

What Is Included:

Stainless Steel Heating Lunch Box, Plastic Spoon, Additional Plastic Compartment, Car/Truck Plug, Home/Office Plug, Manual

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✔️Portable Electric Heated Food Container

✔️Warm Up Food Anywhere

✔️Comes With Two Plugs (Home: 110V, Car: 12V)

✔️Heat Food Seprerately With Two Compartments Simultaneously

✔️Easy To Clean

✔️Capacity: 1.5L

✔️Perfect For Home/ Office & Outdoor Use



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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Hubby is an electrician and usually heats his lunch up at gas stations (uses their microwave). With the Covid-19, he is unable to use this method for a hot lunch anymore. So I bought this for him to use on the job. He technically said he gives it 4.5 stars only bc it does take 30 minutes to heat up (want it now kind of guy🙄). But overall love it! He read the brief instructions and was able to use it painlessly. Gets piping hot and fits a man sized meal so no complaints! So easy to clean, he cleans it himself! So no dishes for wifey😉 everyone’s happy!

Amelia Gunther

My husband loves he said it's easy to use and does not take long to heat up. He is a truck driver so now he can take food from home and put it in the warmer. Very happy with this purchase.

Ike Fyode

This a great invention that helps me to stop worried about my lunches anymore. Since I purchased, I feel so happy to have it. it is super practical. I am using it every day, every lunch. the set up is easy. Car heating is also great. The color, to functionality, is very userfriendly. The metal plate piece can be taken out and washable. The only problem is the fork holder part. it was not designed very well but coming with meta fork and spoon is great too. I strongly recommend it if you are looking for one.

Juliana Yu

Its my best purchase ever. As a truck driver, this lunch box becomes one of my best friends. when i am hungry, i dont have to drive around and look for the parking before i can go buy my lunch. it saves me lots of time and money. because now i bring my home food with me everyday to work. it comes with a cigarette plug and a wall plug. also it takes about 30 mins to get the lunch hot. so plug it before you feel super hungry cuz it will take little bit time before you can eat. after all, i highly recommend it to all truck drivers, tlc drivers and even office people.

ann mah

Long drives, nature, hiking etc are the new normal of enjoying family times in the current time. Having warm food is just a blessing when you are out on a day trip. I bought this electric lunch box to keep the food warm during our family day trips. Its not big but atleast I can keep some warm things warm like beans, curries, steamed vegetables. It comes with car charging and AC charging cables, which is very helpful, make the food, keep it in the lunch box and turn it on with the AC cable. Whne ready to start, take the lunch box in car, plug in with car charger and food remains hot until consumption. The box has a compartment for spoon and fork too. I am not using the small box inside the lunch box but its also airtight container. The lunch box is air tight with its four clips on all four side. This is lunch box is perfect and now become a must have in all my road trips.